Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More of the same part 2

Didn't more of the same McCain say at the beginning of the Presidential Race he claimed (which I knew was crap) he was going to run a clean campaign? Well that lasted two seconds. The latest is the UN-NECESSARY UN-WARRENTED attack on Barack Obama when he made an HONEST statement regarding more of the same's economic policy but it turns into a right-wing smear.

The quote that Obama used was "lipstick on a pig" which was used to describe more of the same's ecnomic policy and nothing else. But no the right wing claims how that's an attack on Palin which in complete crap!

Just some facts using google (happy 10th birthday by the way) I found five different times more of the same McCain used THE EXACT SAME TERM in the past year describing Hillary Clinton DIRECTLY but nothing has been said of that regarding more of the same's DIRECT ATTACK on her. I even found the big Dick Cheney using that SAME PHRASE regarding John Kerry's policies. So again since the press is conservative they ignore THOSE FACTS.

And again it shows that more of the same HAS NO ORIGIANL IDEAS so they do the ONLY THING they know how and that is attack. They have no plans for America and no vision of the future like Obama has!

So once again more of the same has to use smear tactics instead of talking issues.

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