Tuesday, September 02, 2008


What a horrible choice from more of the same McCain for Vice President. I understand he is trying to get disgruntled Clinton supporters but if he wanted to pick a strong Republican woman for Vice President why not Sec. Rice or Sen. Snow from Maine or Kay Baily Hutchinson from Texas.

Doesn't that also negate the argument from more of the same McCain about how inexperienced Obama is cause she has even less. I mean come on Los Angeles County has more people then Alaska.

It's already starting with the scandals she already has so she must be a Republican I'm just waiting for a sex scandal involving her since the Republican Party is the party of sex scandals.

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Tom Michael said...

I've got to disagree with you on this one. It's the Democrats who traditionally have sex scandals. Clinton, Spitzer, Hart, Frank, Studds, Jackson, etc. Even Strom Thurmond had the sex while he was a Democrat, though the scandal broke after he became Republican.

Republican scandals usually involve abuse of power, corruption, nepotism, or hypocrisy. When sex is involved, it's usually the hypocrisy that nails them: being caught soliciting sex from men in a bathroom after a career denouncing homosexuals, admitting to numerous affairs after attacking Democrats for their own sexual indiscretions, etc.

Many Republicans are just too ugly or too obnoxious to get laid by anyone who can't hold his or her nose while thinking of the money. For sex scandals, go to the Democrats - we're the Party of Fun!