Sunday, September 07, 2008

Football Predictions

Since Football snuck up on us (ok I admit I'm concentrating on Baseball and my 1st place Dodgers)
I think it's time for an unscientific Football prediction post. And with this comes my usual disclaimer if you take my prediction seriously (mind you they are usually wrong) this is your responsibility and you are to blame.

AFC East NFC East
New England Dallas
NY Jets NY Giants
Buffalo Philadelphia
Miami Washington

AFC North NFC North
Cleveland Minnesota
Pittsburgh Detroit
Baltimore Green Bay
Cincinnati Chicago

AFC South NFC South
Jacksonville New Orleans
Indianapolis Tampa Bay
Tennessee Carolina
Houston Atlanta

AFC West NFC West
San Diego St. Louis
Denver Arizona
Oakland Seattle
Kansas City San Francisco

New England Dallas
Indianapolis NY Giants
Cleveland Philadelphia
Pittsburgh St. Louis
San Diego New Orleans
Jacksonville Tampa Bay

Super Bowl
Jacksonville vs Dallas


Robert E Wilson said...

Remember how 2 years ago, we joked about how bad the Raiders are? Well, those Raiders would probably beat the tar out of the pathetic Rams of this year. As a Ram fan for 34 years, this is depressing.

Superbowl pick: Colts over Vikings.

Erik said...

Hope it's a better game then last Sunday. With Brady going down Pittsburgh might be the team to beat in the AFC.

Rams looked better then UCLA but then again a high school team (ANY high school team) looked better then UCLA.