Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day of Tea

Against my better judgement I figured I should check out the local tea party and maybe talk to a few people to see why they are so angry. Interesting responses and a small crowd. It always amazes me how ignorant people are.

I asked one person why he was there. The response was I'm against being taxed by Obama to fund Wall Street bailouts. I asked him if he knew that the bailouts happened in October under George Bush in fact reminding him how McCain "suspended" his campaign in order to deal with the crisis. He insisted I was wrong even though I'm not and he simply walked away

I talked to a woman there (by the way at this rally I noticed not many latino's or african americans or asians just mainly white people) why she is here. She said she is against the spending going on in Washington. So I asked the simple question was she upset when Republicans under George Bush ran up the record deficit and erased the budget surplus that Bill Clinton gave us? She walked away.

So I went up to another gentleman carrying a sign saying "Don't take away my guns" and I asked him what has President Obama said are implied that indicates he will do that? His response was "Glen Beck said he would". I asked if Glen Beck asked you to jump off a cliff would you? He walked away in typical response to reasonable questions I asked today.

That's how it was. The people at these protests don't know who they are really upset at and would rather be guided by False News then facts.

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