Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get Out

I saw when I got home yesterday how Texas Gov. Rick Perry said at the phony tea party that Texas could withdraw from the union whenever they want. First doing the research (something apparently Republicans can't do or won't do) they can't according to a Supreme Court Ruling in 1869. Second I think the following steps needs to be taken:

A) The stimulus money Texas received needs to be taken back. It's obvious they don't want it
B) That border fence needs to be moved to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Lousiana to keep Texans out of the United States
C) Next time a hurricaine, fire, tornado, drought or any of the other disasters that hit Texas happen there should be NO FEDERAL HELP! They want to be on their own let them.
D) Perry needs to be arrested for TREASON. That's what his statement implied. For that matter so should Chuck Norris who said the same thing as Michelle Bachman from Minnesota who said the same thing. That is TREASON and should be treated as such!

You want to incite violence there needs to be a direct result of your actions!

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