Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's over?? Not yet

I don't understand something. The vote in the Minnesota Senate happened in November. The recount happened, Coleman appealed lost the appeal Al Franken should be certified as the Senator of Minnesota hence giving the state two Senators. But since Coleman is a SORE LOSER who can't accept defeat (funny how the media said that about Gore and Kerry but isn't saying that about Coleman) Minnesota isn't getting the representation they voted for and their Governor won't let Franken go to the Senate pending Coleman's appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court putting his own needs, as Republicans always do, before the voters desires (again as Republicans always do). This is one of the things I hope voters remember.


Tom Michael said...

Republicans, especially the leadership of the RNC and the right-wing media clowns, hate Al Franken with a passion. His books have done more to expose the Propaganda Ministry of the Republican Party than any one person's other efforts. So, they'll continue to drag this out until the bitter end. And, in the process, continue on the path of self destruction - as Andrew Sullivan recently noted, the number of people self-identifying as Republicans has shrunk to about 25% of the electorate, and continues to fall. (See http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/andrew_sullivan/article6077224.ece for Sullivan's full thesis.)

Erik said...

I find it funny how Coleman is the only person to lose a race to a wrestler and a comedian.

Tom Michael said...

Here's an update - The Minnesota Supreme Court won't hear the case until June. After they make their decision - however long that takes - the case can be appealed to the Minnesota Senate. And after THAT, Coleman will try Federal court.

Republicans - subverting the expressed will of the people by any means necessary since 1968!