Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Phony Outrage

In yet another phony outrage Republicans are using the media they control to attack President Obama for the crime of shaking Venezuela President Hugo Chavez hand and being nice to him. First off I know Chavez is not a nice guy BUT we need to be reminded a few things about him:

After Katrina hit he, not Shell Exxon or anyone here offered oil for cheap while they(Shell, Exxon gauged prices

In the cold winters back east Chavez (not Shell, Exxon) has offered cheaper heating oil to those who couldn't afford the high gas prices that were going on by American Companies

And if they are upset about that why weren't they upset at photos that show Former Sec. Rumsfeld shaking Sadam Hussein's hand or Nixon in China or Reagan, both Bush's in Russia? Oh yeah Republicans are STUPID!


Tom Michael said...

I'd feel more comfortable with Chavez if he hadn't kept holding referendum after referendum until he got the result he wanted: making it possible for him to be President for Life. I think Chavez is Venezuela's equivalent of Huey Long.

Tom Michael said...

Please forgive the faux pas of following up my own comment, but since I left it, Fred Kaplan did an interesting column on the subject at http://www.slate.com/id/2216610/ .

Erik said...

I don't like Chavez either BUT this is being blown out of proportion by Republicans. That's the point I'm making