Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Misplaced Anger

I was trying to aviod talking about the phony "tea parties" that's being heavily promoted by Fox and Right-wingers. The reason is as I said it's a complete fake and the anger is completely misplaced.

First for those who don't understand or remember their history the Boston Tea Party was one of the pre cursors for the American Revolution. Which makes sense since the right has said they want to overthorw the elected President.

Second if you listen to the reasons why the protesters claim they are angry it's completely misplaced. Here is what they claim they are upset about:

A) The Wall Street Bailout. First it wasn't President Obama who did it. It was George Bush. Bush set this up in October. So you should blame Bush and not President Obama cause it was Bush who wanted and received the bailout.

B) Record deficit spending. Again it was THE REPUBLICANS under George Bush who ran a record deficit. Not President Obama. Place the blame where it deserves to be

C) (And this is the one I understand the least) Taxes. Speaking for myself my paycheck has INCREASED and not DECREASED. Tell me where taxes has been raised on a NATIONAL LEVEL? They haven't been. Now at state level yes but not ON NATIONAL LEVEL. Again people aren't believing facts on that.

And worst of all how this is being treated as a grassroots protest, it's false news and a group headed by Dick Armey who is sponsoring it. Again look at the facts.

By the way isn't it the job of journalists to reports the news and not create it?

So in other words we have phony anger being directed at people who are not responsible for it. Typical Republican hypocrites!

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