Monday, April 20, 2009


So the latest phony outrage from the right is the Department of Homeland Security report saying how recruitment from domestic right-wing terrorist organizations has increased and there is increased chatter. What the right-wing media said (idiots like Rush, O'Idiot, Hannity etc) is this is purely political (nevermind there was a report a year ago saying how left-wing groups are gong to use cyber attacks) but let's take a look at the past few months to prove that this is a legitimate concern:

First during the campaign. You had Palin and McCain encouraging violence

Then you had the Arkansas Reporter Anne Pressley, who played Ann Coulter in the movie "W"

You had the curch shooting in Tennessee

You had the murder of the head of the Democratic Party in Arkansas

Then just a few weeks ago the mass shooting of police officers in Pittsburgh from a guy who was a right-winger who was afraid Obama was going to take away his guns.

Yes Republicans are increasing violence so the reports is accurate

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