Thursday, April 02, 2009

One Request

I have one simple request for Republicans: Please shut up! There are reasons why you are not in power anymore. Your policies ruined this country. You constantly lie about the ELECTED PRESIDENT OBAMA and what he is doing to get out country on the right track you continuously blame him for getting us into the mess we are in (even though YOU DID) and you are openly campaigning about having a "Revolution" as Michelle Bachman and others are saying when that is clearly treason! As I said SHUT UP!

If anyone who is liberal said about Bush what Republicans have said about PRESIDENT OBAMA we would have been told or called "un-patriotic" or " treasonous" or "we don't support America" the fact is YOU are the ones who put us where we are and if you look at the latest poll from ABC News and the Washington Post the PUBLIC knows that! So as I said SHUT UP!

You always run on deficits you never have new ideas (and I realize that's part of the reason why you hate Obama cause he has good ideas) and until you regain power (which you won't at the rate you are going and the disaray your party is in) you need to SHUT UP you treasonist losers!

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