Thursday, April 23, 2009

This might surprise you

Did anyone catch the controversy with Miss California during the Miss America event? Actually their really shouldn't be any. Miss California was asked by Judge Perez Hilton (whoever the hell he is) what her thoughts on gay marriage were and she said she thought it should be between a man and a woman. Simple enough and as much as I disagree with her she is absolutely entitled to her own opinion.

But she might have a lawsuit on her hands because Hilton then goes off on her on youtube saying that it cost her being Miss America and if that is the reason that is completely wrong. Everyone, right or wrong, has a right to their views and really is that a question that should be asked during an event like that.

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Tom Michael said...

What I dislike most about this case is that once again, the proponents of gay rights have committed a strategic blunder. Gay rights advocates have shot themselves in the foot so many times, it's a wonder the issue can still move forward.

Like Gavin Newsome's self-indulgent and reckless behavior that gave the ads against gay marriage so much traction in California, Perez Hilton has created a symbol and a highly telegenic spokeswoman for those who oppose gay marriage. Moreover, he did it in such a way as to draw sympathy to Ms. Prejean for having the courage to speak her mind when she new full well there would be negative consequences.

There are poseurs, self-aggrandizers, and idiots on both the left and the right. At least we on the left are more honest about calling out the idiots among are own than are the right-wing. The current strength of the Democrats is that, unlike Republicans, we're much more likely to criticize our own fringe, instead of keeping silent out of misguided "party loyalty" and letting them take over the reigns of power and destroying the party in the process.