Sunday, December 04, 2005

More on Tookie

After reading several "save" Tookie Williams stories in today's current in the Los Angeles Times (only one who says he should die) I feel I need to remind all you people who support him: He is directly, DIRECTLY responsible for 4 murderers. Again DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE. Nevermind how many people the crips gang, who he is a founding member of, have killed, how much mayham they have created, how much destruction they have done. To me it is inconceivable how ANY sane person would think he should live.

Here are some of the reasons in the stories why he should live:

He's changed. So it doesn't take away what he did and what he is responsible for. I have no sympathy for murderers. Period. Anyone who does is soft.

He was nominated for a nobel peace prize. Again so has W. and look what destruction he has done.

He writes childrens books. Again just because he claims that he is changed doesn't mean he has. And just because he writes childrens books doesn't bring back the lives he has taken.

He found god. Again though what does that do to bring back what he has done. Just becasue you found a "savior" doesn't make your sins go away.

And for those who state democrats are soft on crime and justice here are some numbers from California on pardons for death row inmates:

Schwarzenegger: 3

Grey Davis: 0

Pete Wilson: 13

George Deukmejian: 328

Jerry "moonbeam" Brown: 403

Ronald Reagan: 575

This was since 1967.


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