Tuesday, December 06, 2005

None of the things Bush promised are happening

That's what a caller from New Orleans told Rush Limbaugh today on Rush's first day back in New Orleans after Katrina. I'd love to say I'm suprised but here is more info on this in a piece by MIke Tidwell in the Los Angeles Times: Remember Bush said "We will do whatever it takes to rebuild New Orleans" The reason why, first off New Orleans was hit as bad as it was (which is true) due to human interference of the wetlands. That's both democrat and republican interference.

Now there was a $14 Billion dollar plan that would have helped to restore the wetlands AND fix the levee system in New Orleans. Bush effectively killed it authorizing $250 million which wasn't able to accomplish anything in the term. The reason why it was killed was because of the Iraq war.

So much for doing whatever it takes

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