Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I'd like to talk a bit tonight about responsibility. One thing you may have noticed about me is I don't back down when I'm challenged on anything I've said (right Robert) I will never say it's out of context or spin it. In other words I am responsible for my actions positive and negative.

I think that's part of my hatred I have for Bush. He takes does not accept responsibility for his failures and only his successes. I feel the buck stops at the top positive or negative (this applies also to Clinton as well)

Now getting onto what this column is about. In the San Fernando Valley where I live we have a new busway (instead of what should have been built a subway but that's another thing). Since the busway opened in October there have been four accidents between a bus and a vehicle. What irks me is how I am hearing that the busway is unsafe and should be stopped.

When these accidents happen what I don't hear is the cause of the accident. At every interchange between a bus and traffic there is a red light and the busses have strobes letting vehicles know they are coming through the intersection. The accidents are usually caused by vehicles who are running the red light, on the cell phone talking or just not paying attention.

Now again we don't hear this but I have a couple of ideas that I think, while not necessarily stopping, but at least will help when accidents happen. Here are a few:

Put police stationed by every intersection to ticket offenders who run the red lights.

Triple every fine

Suspend drivers liscense 30 days for first offenders, 60 for second, 90 for third.

If you have any other ideas feel free to post them.

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