Monday, December 12, 2005

No word yet

No word yet if Arnold is going to grant clemency to Tookie Williams but the California Supreme Court rejected another appeal this morning. I hope Arnie doesn't cave in and grant him clemency if he does he should be recalled immediately.


Robert E Wilson said...

No clemency was issued by Schwarzneggar.

No clemency: Ex-Crips' leader to be executed

This article states "The last California governor to grant clemency was Ronald Reagan, who spared a mentally infirm killer in 1967."

Didn't you state in an earlier posts that some previous governors had granted clemency many times?

Erik said...

I stated the number of clemency's each of the governor's made since Reagan

Erik said...

Actually I'm not sure if it was clemency or pardons now

Erik said...

Having searched my archives I did say pardons

Robert E Wilson said...

Here is what you stated in More on Tookie:

" are some numbers from California on pardons for death row inmates:"

You don't state where this came from but the numbers you give are pretty unbelievable since pardoning a death row inmate not only commutes the death penalty, it outright sets them free.

I'm going to guess that those are pardons to non-death row inmates.

Erik said...

It was in the Los Angeles Times the day I posted it in the current section under "by the numbers