Friday, December 16, 2005

Stay Tuned

In February I'm going to take my first plane trip going up to Vegas for the Super Bowl. I'm curious since I have said bad things about the government on this website if I am on the no-fly list. My question is there anyway I can find out or will I find out once I get to the airport.


Robert E Wilson said...

Gee, I thought the Superbowl was in Detroit this year. Oh, I get it. Bush decided than he can no longer support a city, whose primary industry (automobiles) is deeply struggling. So he falsified documents to show that Detroit is a haven for Al Queda. He appointed Cheney as an emergency NFL commissioner, who immediately ruled that the Superbowl be moved to Las Vegas. Bush has pledged 4 billion dollars to revamp the UNLV football field to accommodate the 100,00 fans, not to mention all the security that will be required. I'm sure Mr. Bush will arrange it that the Cowboys and Texans will be the participants.

Erik said...

That's not bad for sarcasm but my concern now especially with Bush giving the ok with domestic spying is I'm on the no fly list after all I spoke out against him and someone, even as insignificant as I, could be turned into an "enemy combatant" and if you don't think that's happening you are in denial. Ask the former Cat Stevens about it.