Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh boy

So I was reading in the Los Angeles Times and I think this is what is deserved in California. The piece said Mel Gibson should run for Governor in California or at least there is a website that says he should.

Picture this: Gibson (I've lost several friends after the movie Passion of the Christ for the sole reason I'm Jewish. Yes I'm serious about this), Arnie, the slave to big business special interest as republicans.

On the democratic side we may have Rob Reiner, you know meathead, and Warren Beatty.

We are truly going to hell here aren't we??


Robert E Wilson said...

If you actually lost friends over a movie, they weren't very good friends, were they?

Yeah, I think I've had enough of celebrities (Democrat or Republican) using their celebrity status to get into politics.

Erik said...

Was Reagan the first Calebrity who ran for office or was there someone before?