Sunday, November 26, 2006


Poor Bill O'Idiot. He and his ilk must be so upset over the Democrats taking the House and Senate he doesn't know what to do. His column in the Los Angeles Daily News is so much more incoharent then usual I don't know how to begin.

First I know he's upset that Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the House. This is a man who once endorsed Al Queda to blow up the Coit Tower in San Francisco (If you look in my archives it's there) so naturally he is I feel jealous of the beauty in San Francisco. Great city. But he goes on a rant about how the board of education voted to ban the JRROTC in schools there. My observation is this: If it is within their rights to do so it's their right. If they are breaking the law then the appropriate steps should be taken against them. But that is an issue that doesn't involve Mr. O'Idiot.

Then he is upset at Massachusets because they allow Gay Marriage. I know he's homophobic (like MOST Republicans and some Democrats) but again he is not making sense. He singles out the judges but if he ever did research (yeah right we know he makes it up as he goes along) the judges were assigned by Gov. Rommey who is a REPUBLICAN! I love the irony there.

They he is upset at Vermont. He claims the state is "Secular progressive" because they elected a Senator Bernie Sanders an Independent. He is also upset at a judge who gave a guy who was accused of being a child predator (nevermind he doesn't give any information on the case so we can look it up). So in otherwords we don't even know if this case exists after all it's Bill O'Idiot. Who doesn't know which end is up.

And here is his closing statement: No tolerance for the military, no voting on controversial issues. Welcome to the land of the secular-progressive. Have a nice day.

Now let's take a look at something that Bill O'Idiot is not familliar with and that's something called reality. There is really one issue that he mentions that is "progressive" and that is gay-rights. Other then that that's something the cities and states are doing on their own. Isn't that one of what WAS Republican talking points at least at one time? States rights? I guess only when it's convenient for them.

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