Friday, November 17, 2006

A Couple of Predictions

First off a disclaimer: My predictions are not to be taken as fact. Just my thoughts on who is going to win. If you take this seriously and decide to go with my picks it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Just two games I'm going to cover:

Michigan over Ohio State
USC Over Cal

Ohio State hasn't played anyone good this year except Texas while Michigan has played a tougher schedule. USC has momentum after their loss and should beat Cal easily I think.


Robert E Wilson said...

Where USC sees Notre Dame and UCLA as their big games, Cal has had Nov. 18 circled on their calendar since last year.

It's going to be very tough for USC because I think Cal is the better team this year.

(((((But GO TROJANS!))))

I agree with Michigan over Ohio State but that's a tough call, too.

Erik said...

Wait we agree?? Mark this date down :)

If you ever wanna hook up for dinner or something let me know. And if you notice your website is still linked though mine :).

And if you wanna see some embarassing photos look at the all things Corbin.

Robert E Wilson said...

You know what? Ohio State is very good. So is Michigan. They are the 1 and 2 teams of college football.

USC's defense played by far, their best game of the season.

Erik said...

Robert a lesson for Cal: You can circle Nov. 18th all you want but you have to show up.