Thursday, November 16, 2006


So I am reading Thomas Sowell's column in today's Los Angeles Daily News and he issues the following statement: "Some of the most baffling emails received before the election were from conservative Republicans who said they were so disillusioned and/or disgusted with the Bush Administration that they were going to vote for Democrats in order to send a message."

Then "Sending a message may have it's benefits,but, as with all benefits the question must be asked: At what cost?"

It seems to me the cost is this: Democrats are now in control of the House and Senate. That is no cost but a benefit. You see voters see a record deficit, a war where now 3109 troops were killed that Republicans started, a failed response with Katrina, corruption, and so many other screw-ups where the voters said they had enough of the stupidity that is the Republican Party.

Now it's up to Democrats to show something that the Republicans have not and that's maturity. Time will tell if they do.

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