Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm a little confused about a letter in today's Los Angeles Daily News. Here it is from the paper today from thier website:

"The Jewish community can stop vilifying Mel Gibson. All they have to do is look in their own backyard and find Michael Richards. My god, at least Mel Gibson had an excuse. He was drunk. What's Richards' excuse? Richards' three-minute racist diatribe personally offended me as an African-American beyond comprehension.

I don't care how many black leaders he plans to meet with or how many times he apologizes. He will never ever be forgiven or redeemed in my book. Also, various news reports claim that Richards is seeking psychiatric help for his anger and racist outburst. What an excuse of convenience. Since when is being a racist a psychiatric problem? "

So according to the letter writer because Mel Gibson was drunk, even though alcohol enhances your personality, it was ok for him to say what he said. That's ok with the person. But Michael Richards (I don't even know if he is Jewish and there are reports he did a simular attack on Jewish people at the improv in Brea) is Jewish according to the letter writer he's just giving excuses.

Mel Gibson, blaming the alcohol checked into rehab if I recall but that's not the point.

First I'm Jewish. I'm offended by both and I pray NEITHER make another penny in the entertainment industry. I've said this many times there is NO ROOM for racism in this world and people, including the letter writer, need to grow the hell up.

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