Saturday, November 18, 2006

Both ways

For a second I was going to shock myself and agree with Bill O'Idiot when he attacked his network for airing an interview with double-murderer OJ Simpson. Then he did like he always does and lie about obvious facts. He said that Fox News doesn't have anything to do with the networks which is a lie because they have the same owner, Rupert Murdoch and the same chairman Roger Ailes. That's lie number 1.

Lie number 2 is he is actually blaming "far left loons" and "kool aid zombies" for having the nerve to question Fox for airing the interview.

So what is it O'Idiot? Is Fox the problem or are you the problem. You are willingly giving the interview the hype IT DOESN'T DESERVE! You are AIDING A DOUBLE MURDER GET MONEY HE DOESN'T DESERVE!

How can you live with yourself you freak. That's why he's number 1 on my enemies list.

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