Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Best Interest of America

This is a letter in today's USA Today:

Had I watched President Bush's State of the Union address with the volume off, it would have been easy to determine what subject he spoke about simply by observing aisle-divided applause and ovation. The body language of Congress spoke volumes, leading me to ask the following questions of liberal leaders and voters out there:

  • Do you hate Bush so much you pray for American failure in Iraq?

  • Do you pray the war on terror will return to our soil?

  • Do you hate war so much you pray for millions of Iraqis to fall to radicals?

  • Now that the midterm election is over, why is it still impossible to unite for the sake of the country?

In Congress, the liberal agenda and hatred for Bush outweigh concern for our national security or worldwide stability. Just ask Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., who spoke with venom toward Bush last Tuesday, winning praise from Democratic leaders.

I pray the Democrats will unbind Bush and let him do his job. I pray they will show our country and our enemies partisanship can be set aside for true American victory. Failing to act on their newfound power will surely result in consequences for America. Don't choose to pray for forgiveness after it's too late. Choose instead to act in the interest of America now.

First I'll respond to his questions toward liberals being one myself: No. Bush has himself with his stupidity failed in Iraq. THe United States hasn't.

No I don't want another terror attack on my soil. When it eventually happens again Bush has ignored completely

No I don't want Iraq to fall to radicals but again Bush's lack of preparedness is causing that to happen and no matter how many troops he sends it won't change.

If BUSH wants to re-unite the country the burden is on him. Bush always talks about being a uniter and not a divider BUT when push comes to shove he goes against the will of the people and further allienates the people of the country.

Now if the letter writter talks about unity let's take a look here. Bush completely forgot to mention New Orleans in his state of the union address last week for simple reasons I've eluded to many times before. He always talks about wanting bipartisonship but if we don't do what he says he gives a big f-u to everyone.

I'd like to ask a couple of questions to any conservatives who wish to respond:

Are you so loyal to Bush you are obvlivious to what's really happening in Iraq?

Are you willing to have Bush impeached for violating the constitution as he has so many times?

Are you willing to seriously look at Democratic proposals before saying how bipartison we are?

Have you taken a look at the 9/11 comission report?

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