Friday, January 12, 2007

Quick Prediction

Quick prediction on this weekends football games:

New England over San Diego
Baltimore over Indianapolis
Seattle over Chicago
New Orleans over Philadelphia

San Diego has a habit of blowing it in the playoffs and New England I think has momentum. Baltimore has the team to once again prove how overrated the Colts are. Chicago will go as far as Rex Grossman will carry them and New Orleans will end Philadelphia's magic.


Anonymous said...

San Diego over New England
Baltimore over Indianopolis
Chicago over Seattle
Philadelphia over New Orleans

I disagree with 3 of yours. We'll see what happens

Erik said...

Well the obvious is going to happen. Either you are going to be right or I am.

By the way USC over UCLA in basketball today. Pac-10 is the best conference this year.

Erik said...

My only thing with San Diego is the coach. He tends to choke in the playoffs. He definately has the talent. Baltimore is who I put on your site so I stick with them.

Robert E Wilson said...

I wonder why it says anonymous? Let's see what it says now.

Robert E Wilson said...

Now it worked.

Erik said...

You are just an anonymous person I guess Robert :)

I was 1 out of 3 yesterday (including my USC over UCLA basketball prediction) you were 0 out of 2. This Bears game is interesting so far and I was right in the sense Grossman is looking good so the Bears are winning.

Robert E Wilson said...

We're even now. It's up to the New England-San Diego game.

Robert E Wilson said...

You were right. I should not be surprised by Shottenheimer's ineptitude in the playoffs. New England was getting totally outplayed but they were patient and waited for San Diego to screw up and they did.

It's too bad, it would have been interesting to see a game next week where we would be trying to figure out who would finally go to the Superbowl, Peyton Manning or Marty Shottenheimer.

Erik said...

I call him Marty Shoothimselfinthefootnheimer

Erik said...

One thing is for sure I bet all the unders over the weekend and won every one of them.