Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Job Evaluation

So the LA Times (allegedly liberal) rated Bush's job performance over the last year. I would like to give their ratings and mine. (this will shock most of you)


Knowledge of Job:

Times Ratings: Below expectations
My Rating: Below Average. I think for me that his stubborness gets the best of him most of the time (as it does a lot of people) and the fact is when he speaks he really doesn't come across with confidence and knowledge that it takes to be President.

Job effectiveness:
Times Ratings: Below expectations
My Rating: Average. Fact is he had a Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court in his back pocket so he got most of what he wanted accomplished. Even though what he wanted killed 3000 soldiers and destroyed a lot of jobs and lives it was his agenda.

Critical thinking skills:
Times Ratings: Meets expectations
My Rating: Below Average. I say that because let's face some facts: Bush isn't the brightest bulb out there. I think that effects his decision skills or lack thereof.

Works well with others:
Times Ratings: Meets expectations
My Ratings: Below average. Now here is my reasoning on this. Take a look at the 9/11 and Iraq Comissions. He ordered them then chose to ignore ALL of their recommendations so in other words the same things that made us vulnerable before 9/11/01 are still there today.

Financial management:
Times Ratings: Exceeds expectations
My Ratings: Below average. We have a record deficit. We owe so much money do foreign countries it aint funny. It's sad and sick. Under Bill Cliton we had a surplus and Bush pissed it all away. Imagine what good he could have done. Oh yeah one other thing regarding this Bush took money out of funding to shore up the levees around New Orleans to help fund the Iraq Occupation. Look what that got.

Areas for improvement:
I feel this: I think Bush needs to stop listening to people like Cheney and listen to the people who elected him. Especially since he is starting a bit to talk about his legacy. He ignored the Iraq and 9/11 comissions and he is ignoring the people who want to trust and like him. And it's costing him and his party.

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