Tuesday, January 23, 2007


You know you would think the fact that Bush's number are falling faster then a waterfall he would actually listen. I always forget that Bush is an idiot and doesn't listen to anyone other then his master Dick Cheney. If Bush would listen he would have said in the State of the Union "Tonight I am proud to announce our troops are coming home from Iraq" but no the idiot still thinks he is right dispite the obvious facts to prove otherwise. I wonder if he cares how he is hurting his party in next year's election and I wonder how many more times he will tell the american people "F-U" before the american people will say F-U back. I also wonder how much more BS he is going to be allowed to say before Democrats say you are fired!

Again my observation is he looks scared. Like a little child afraid of the dark. He lost the swagger he used to have.

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