Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I say that a lot with Bill O'Idiot, but this is really funny. At they have an excert on his show where he says how MSNBC and CNN like to show the violence from Iraq like his network doesn't show any. I love the idioits who think the public is stupid (like Bush does and I say that Robert because he,the administration, and the right-wing media, try to say how Iraq attacked us on 9/11 when the 9/11 commission said otherwise) and have us think they are hollier then thou. Here is the quote:

O'REILLY: Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for watching us tonight.

Fox News criticized for its Iraq war coverage. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo." A group called the Project for Excellence in Journalism says that during the first three months of this year, Fox News had less coverage of Iraq than CNN and MSNBC.

That led CNN chief Jonathan Klein to say, quote, "Fox News were obviously cheerleaders for the war. When the war went badly, they had to dial back coverage because it didn't fit their preconceived story lines."

Wow, that sounds bad, doesn't it? Now, I can't speak for Fox News, only for "The Factor," and here's the deal. In the beginning, I supported the war based upon best available intelligence. I was on the same page as [Sen.] Hillary Clinton [D-NY] and [former Sen.] John Edwards [D-NC] and just about everybody else.

When it became clear that many Iraqis would rather kill each other than fight for their freedom, I told you that, all the while rooting for the U.S. military to win the conflict, despite the Iraqi madness.

That's right, as a commentator, I am rooting for the Americans and British to win because a victory is better for the USA and the world.

Now, we've done hundreds of Iraq reports on this program, as you know. But we don't do the carnage du jour. We don't highlight every terrorist attack because we learn nothing from that. And that's exactly what the terrorists want us to do. I mean, come on, does another bombing in Tikrit mean anything other than "War is hell"? No, it does not.

In my opinion, CNN and especially MSNBC delight in showing Iraqi violence because they want Americans to think badly of President Bush. And that strategy has succeeded.

So their Iraqi coverage is more political than informational, again, in my opinion. Could be wrong about CNN. I'm not wrong about the committed left-wing crew over at NBC.

Finally, just who are these Project for Excellence in Journalism people? Well, their spokesman is a guy named Mark Jurkowitz, a former TV writer for the far-left Boston Globe and the off-the-chart-left Boston Phoenix.

Now, I've known Mr. Jurkowitz for many years. He hates Fox News and is a committed leftist. So much for journalistic excellence.

Now, when the Associated Press picked up the study, it didn't identify Jurkowitz as a Fox hater, and it should have.

The bottom line is this. We've reported time and again that the war in Iraq is indeed a mess. There's little news value in broadcasting daily bombings. By the way, Fox News continues to crush CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, as the folks know news when they see it. And that's the "Memo."

So according to him Fox is god and anyone else sucks. Fox is the most disgusting partisan network on air and to give the impression that Fox isn't like the other networks really should insult it's viewers.

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