Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spitting in the Face

Once again Bush has chose to use his own set of "morals" instead of doing what's potentially best for the American People. How this time you ask? He once again vetoed funding for Stem Cell Research.

Really the problem is this: A lot of right-wingers just hate science because they feel facts are against their religious beliefs. Seriously given the reasons they choose to be against stem cell research prove that as Bush claims stem cell research kills children but doesn't mention that if the stem cells would not be used they would simply be thrown away. So instead of doing something noble Bush puts his religious views first. But he's done that before.

Stem Cell Research has great potential to cure diseases but isn't being given the chance because of this ahole in the White House. How sad because again potentially again (I keep using the word because we don't know) this could save millions of lives.

But I guess Bush doesn't care about anyone but himself does he?

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