Sunday, June 17, 2007


So to no surprise in today's column Bill O'Idiot likes the immigration bill. Not a surprise considering he's another Bush suckup. I ask again why is NO ONE making it harder for EMPLOYERS to hire illegal immigrants? They are the ones responsible the hiring and making it easy for them. Instead we get slop like this bill that makes no sense and is not really enforcible.


Robert E Wilson said...

Keep in mind that most right-wingers are totally against this bill. There are a few exceptions such as John McCain.

I'm not against penalizing companies for hiring illegal aliens. I just don't think it will accomplish as much as you think as it would be very hard to enforce. ("I didn't know he was illegal, he had paperwork")

In my opinion, we need to plug the huge leak first. I don't mean a wall. That's a stupid idea that will just waste huge amounts of taxpayer money. I mean boots on the ground and real enforcement.

If we can do that. Then we are in a position of strength and can discuss guest worker programs and paths to citizenship.

Erik said...

I never said who was or against this bill but in this case I agree with everyone who is against this stupid bill no matter what party they are afilliated with.

Robert E Wilson said...

What you also haven't said is why you think this is a "stupid bill". I've given my objection, what is yours?

Erik said...

A) They actually think people will leave their families, go home for a couple of years, then pay to come back? Right

B) It give amnesty to 12 million people who are here illegally

C) It doesn't do anything for the businesses who hire them which I will state again is who you have to go after to help curtail this.

Robert E Wilson said...

You're right on A and B but I guess you didn't know (it's not well publicized) that the bill has a fairly comprehensive clause of stiff fines on businesses caught employing illegal aliens.

Erik said...

Like they will ever enforce it with this business friendly White House.

Robert E Wilson said...

Now you are just being contradictory. We weren't talking about enforcement, we were talking about what was on the bill. You said you wanted something to be done about businesses that hire illegals and the bill covers that. I realize you object to the bill for other valid reasons so I'm not suggesting you support the bill, I'm just suggesting you don't change the subject because I pointed out a flaw in your argument.

Enforcement, obviously is key and it is already illegal to hire illegal aliens but the lack of enforcement of the law has always been disturbing. So I agree with you on that regard.