Sunday, June 10, 2007

Justice Week

This was justice week as people who deserve to go to jail are and will serve time. Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby . Luckily I was at work and missed most of the nonstop Paris coverage but did manage to see the a lot of the more important Scooter Libby coverage.

First Paris: You did the crime you should do the time if you can't handle it welcome to the real world. No one is going to get the treatment as you are going to get. So deal with it.

Second Scooter.. I don't really know where to begin. It's funny how conservatives care more about Bill Clinton's sex life then when real crimes are committed. All right-wingers saying how he should be pardoned when this should actually be the beginning as the people who gave him the information (Bush, Cheney, Rove) should also be prosecuted for BREAKING THE LAW. This is a serious crime and I thought the punishment was light. Also for those who said it's a witch hunt keep in mind the following: The prosecutor was appointed by Bush and the judge was appointed by Bush and he was still convicted.

Unrelated to the justice I again wanna talk about the court ruling on the decency. You know it's still parents responsibility to monitor what kids watch and what their kids do. If they learn things it's up to the parents to say what's right and wrong. That's really the bottom line because parents are relying on television to raise their kids instead of themselves.

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