Saturday, June 02, 2007


You know for those idiots who claim that people kill people never had what happened near me last night. I was at where I normally go out on Friday Night (Corbin Bowl) when across the street shots rang out. I don't know many of the details except two people were hit, 1 seriously, and one of my friends car was shot up with bullets breaking two of his windows.

I ask these questions:

How many shootings do we have vs. hangings?
How many shootings to we have vs. stabbings?

Shootings win and the fact that there is such easy access to guns is the problem. No I'm not naive enough to say to ban guns but there should be such a difficult process in getting guns, such intense screening and profiling it should be difficult for just anyone to get them. My guess is the gun nuts never had been shot at or around shootings because I promise they would feel the same way! Guns cause more damage because they are quick and easy to get that's the bottom line.

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