Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Never Understand

I'll never understand why people find this funny. This is hate, and the rights fascination with advicating death threats. For instance one of the early entries on my enemies list Ann Coulter said "I wish John Edwards would be killed in a terrorist assasination plot" (at thinkprogress.org) on top of that we have so much more. She has said similar things about Bill Clinton as well as the liberal members of the Supreme Court and after white powder was found at the New York Times she said that she sent it like that was supposed to be a joke.

If I were to make a threat like that I would be arrested. As much hatred as I have toward Bush I have NEVER said to have him or Cheney killed cause I would have Secret Service at my door in 10 minutes. Time people who make threats to Democrats have the same treatment because there are sick people out there who listen and will follow up.

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