Friday, June 30, 2006

Giving Credit

So both Bill O'Idiot and Brit Hume have apologized for the unwarrented attack on John Murtha (D,Pa.) on that slanderous quote from the South Florida Sun-Sentinal. Good for them. Still waiting for Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarboro's apology.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Question

A quick question I don't know the answer to this so if someone can answer this I'd appreciate it.

Since the Supreme Court rulled that Bush violated the Geneva Convention does that mean he could be charged with war crimes?

If someone can answer that and give the reasons yes or no I'd appreciate it.

Supreme Court

Congrats to the Supreme Court for their ruling today for their ruling that Guantanamo Bay detainees being held violate the Geneva Convention. By the way this is also a blow for the domestic spying program.

I realize that Bush is going to say F-U as he always does and ignore the ruling but this is a step in the right direction. FOr a detailed link of the opinions of the Supreme Court go to

The big suprise was Chief Justice John Roberts joined the majority. Not suprisingly Clearence Thomas, Antion Scalia and Samuel Alieto (not a typo) joined the minority.

A couple of updates:

The main opinion [was] written by Justice John Paul Stevens. That opinion was supported in full by Justices Stephen G. Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David H. Souter. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote separately, in an opinion partly joined by Justices Breyer, Ginsburg and Souter…Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, the dissenters, each wrote an opinion.

The Court appears to have held that Common Article 3 of Geneva aplies to the conflict against Al Qaeda. That is the HUGE part of today’s ruling. The commissions are the least of it. This basically resolves the debate about interrogation techniques, because Common Article 3 provides that detained persons ’shall in all circumstances be treated humanely,’ and that ‘[t]o this end,’ certain specified acts ‘are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever’—including ‘cruel treatment and torture,’ and ‘outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.’ This standard, not limited to the restrictions of the due process clause, is much more restrictive than even the McCain Amendment. … This almost certainly means that the CIA’s interrogation regime is unlawful.

PDF files of the opinions can also be found at

Is it ok?

Just wondering with all the bashing of the N.Y. Times for the story with Bush tapping our financial records how the media would react to George W. touting the program:

courtesy of mediamaters.

* In a September 24, 2001, speech, Bush announced the establishment of a "foreign terrorist asset tracking center at the Department of the Treasury to identify and investigate the financial infrastructure of the international terrorist networks." He added, "It will bring together representatives of the intelligence, law enforcement and financial regulatory agencies to accomplish two goals: to follow the money as a trail to the terrorists, to follow their money so we can find out where they are; and to freeze the money to disrupt their actions."
* In a September 24, 2001, letter to Congress, Bush noted, "Terrorists and terrorist networks operate across international borders and derive their financing from sources in many nations. Often, terrorist property and financial assets lie outside the jurisdiction of the United States." He affirmed his commitment to working with international agencies such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) "to build momentum and practical cooperation in the fight to stop the flow of resources to support terrorism."
* A White House fact sheet published on September 24, 2001, noted the launch of the Treasury Department's Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Center (FTAT): "The FTAT is a multi-agency task force that will identify the network of terrorist funding and freeze assets before new acts of terrorism take place."
* In a September 26, 2001, statement, Bush said, "We're fighting them on a financial front. We're choking off their money. We're seizing their assets. We will be relentless as we pursue their sources of financing. And I want to thank the Secretary of Treasury for leading that effort."
* On October 10, 2001, Bush stated that the "nations of NATO are sharing intelligence, coordinating law enforcement and cracking down on the financing of terrorist organizations."
* During remarks at FTAT, then-Treasury Seceretary Paul O'Neill said, "[W]e have begun to act - to block assets, to seize books, records and evidence, and to follow audit trails to track terrorist cells poised to do violence to our common interests. " O'Neill added, "We have built an international coalition to deny terrorists access to the world financial system."
* A December 2001 report on the steps the administration had taken to combat terrorism noted that the FATF "-- a 29-nation group promoting policies to combat money laundering -- adopted strict new standards to deny terrorist access to the world financial system."
* A September 10, 2004, Treasury Department statement read: "The targeting of terrorist financing continues to play an important role in the war on terror. Freezing assets, terminating cash flows, and following money trails to previously unknown terrorist cells are some of the many weapons used against terrorist networks."

So it's a case of selective memory from the right-wing media as always.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Right Attacks

I'd like to talk about even more right-wing attacks. Right now about John Murtha (D,PA). From

What happened was this: The South Florida Sun-Sentinal reported the following quote they claimed was from John Murtha this pass Sunday:

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to a crowd of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

The problem is he never said that. But that doesn't stop the right-wing echo machine. Here are the quotes:

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, 6/26:

Murtha has lost all perspective and did months ago, but his message is firmly entrenched in America’s far-left precincts. … [T]hat kind of extreme thinking, based on little evidence, by the way, is putting all Americans in danger.

Tucker Carlson, MSNBC, 6/26:

What is really going on here, and you know it as well as I, is that Jack Murtha has been intoxicated by the amount of publicity that he has gotten from his anti-war crusade, and he has become progressively more unreasonable, progressively more left-wing as the days go on, and he is in the thrall of people who, I think, have hostility towards the United States.

Newt Gingrich, Fox News, 6/26:

For an American congressman to say that is beyond any acceptable behavior, and I would hope the Congress would move to censure him.

Now since then the newspaper retracted the story. I am in the process of emailing the guilty offenders at Fox and MSNBC now and if they have the guts to respond I will put it on the site.

But again the democrats attack.

Banning Tag

Remember being kids? One of the things I remember playing as a kid was tag. I remember playing that during school during recess.

I don't understand why adults won't let kids be kids anymore. It's the same with what I posted about where the teenagers don't have many places to go.

Things are just wrong in today's conservative society.


So the other day when I wrote how I would run the 2006 Democratic Campaign. Robert said how, typical for a democrat, I would be attacking republicans. I said it's the republicans who attack and have provided tons of proof over my posts to prove me right. Here is more examples. They are nothing but echo machines. Here is the right-wing news and talk media on the NY Times and the publishing of the fact the US is seeing our bank records:

* Melanie Morgan, radio talk show host: "I see it as treason, plain and simple, and my advice to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at this point in time is chop-chop, hurry up, let's get these prosecutors fired up and get the subpoenas served, get the indictments going, and get these guys [Keller and The New York Times] behind jail." [MSNBC's Hardball, 6/26/06]
* Ann Coulter, right-wing pundit: [R]evealing a classified program, which no one thinks violates any laws ... that has led to the capture of various terrorists, and to various terrorist money-laundering operations. If that is not treason, then we're not prosecuting anymore." [MSNBC's Scarborough Country, 6/26/06]
* William Kristol, editor, The Weekly Standard: "I think the Justice Department has an obligation to consider prosecution. ... This isn't a partisan thing of the Bush administration. This is a U.S. government secret program in a time of war, willfully exposed for no good reason by The New York Times." [Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday, 6/25/06]

Many other conservative media figures took to the airwaves to simply bash the Times for purportedly aiding the terrorists and putting American citizens in greater danger:

* L. Brent Bozell III, president, Media Research Center: "The New York Times needs to be reminded ... that on September 11, 2001, something really awful happened right down the street from the newspaper. ... And the last thing we need is The New York Times aiding and abetting the terrorist movement. And that's exactly what they're doing by divulging these secrets." [Fox News' Fox & Friends, 6/27/06]

* Rush Limbaugh, syndicated radio host: "I think 80 percent of their subscribers have to be jihadists. If you look at The New York Times and the kind of stories they're leaking and running and the information they're getting, it's clear that they're trying to help the terrorists. They're trying to help the jihadists." Limbaugh added that he thought that "80 percent of their subscribers have to be jihadists." According to the latest circulation statistics, the Times sells more than 690,000 copies of its daily edition, and more than 1.1 million subscribers to its Sunday edition, via home delivery. [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/27/06]

* Andrew McCarthy, senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: "Yet again, The New York Times was presented with a simple choice: help protect American national security or help al Qaeda. Yet again, it sided with al Qaeda." ["The Media's War Against the War Continues," National Review Online, 6/23/06]

* Newt Gingrich, former House speaker (R-GA) and Fox News political analyst: "You would think that The New York Times, located on the same island where the World Trade Center once existed, would have some residual memory of 9-11. You'd think that The New York Times ... would have some sense of survival. ... [M]y sense is that they hate George W. Bush so much that they would be prepared to cripple America in order to go after the president." [Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/06]

* Michael Barone, U.S. News & World Report senior writer: "Why do they hate us? Why does the Times print stories that put America more at risk of attack? ... We have a press that is at war with an administration, while our country is at war against merciless enemies. The Times is acting like an adolescent kicking the shins of its parents, hoping to make them hurt while confident of remaining safe under their roof. But how safe will we remain when our protection depends on the Times?" ["Why do "they" hate us?" syndicated column, 6/26/06]

* Morton M. Kondracke, Roll Call executive editor: "And for God's sake, The New York Times ought to look down the street and remember where 9-11 happened. It really happened in New York City, you know? And they act as though it never happened." [Fox News' The Beltway Boys, 6/24/06]

* Heather McDonald, contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute's City Journal: "By now it's undeniable: The New York Times is a national security threat. So drunk is it on its own power and so antagonistic to the Bush administration that it will expose every classified antiterror program it finds out about, no matter how legal the program, how carefully crafted to safeguard civil liberties, or how vital to protecting American lives." ["National Security Be Damned," The Weekly Standard, July 3 issue]

Sounds like an echo to me. Nevermind we have freedom of the press in this country, nevermind THIS IS NOT LEGAL, nevermind WHAT BUSH IS DOING IS TREASON but the Times should be tried??

What's wrong with this?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Gloves are off

I admit I love watching Foxnews anchors getting called on for their nonsense. Here is an example between Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade and Sen. Leven (D,MI)

KILMEADE: But Senator, just one question for you. Just real quick, one last question for you: Why do you think the president would keep troops there past when they should be?

LEVIN: I don’t know. Because General Casey has said that he expects these significant reductions this year. Why the White House would then attack Democrats for proposing the same thing has no explanation that I can think of — no other explanation.

KILMEADE: General Casey said he’s going to do it by conditions on the ground, and has not said he is going to withdraw troops.


LEVIN: Let me read it to you. Let me just read you what Casey said…


KILMEADE: He said one of the plans that he brought together would be reducing troops by 7,000 in September. That’s one of the plans.

LEVIN: Let me read to you what Casey said. “I’m confident that we will be able to take reductions over the course of this year.” This is what he said publicly at the Pentagon. I don’t know whether you reported this or not.

KILMEADE: We covered it live.

LEVIN: Good. Live — and I hope you cover it with this program. “Is that still true, General, fairly substantial?” General Casey: “I think so.” Now are the Republicans going to call General Casey “Cut-and-Run George” because he says that he believes there will be substantial reductions this year? They attacked Democrats — from the White House. It was a rubber stamp Republican Senate. They attack Democrats…

KILMEADE: We’re up against a hard break, but that was a 45-minute press conference with the secretary of defense. And he went back and forth over many scenarios, and that was one of them. And, of course, the best-case scenario — which you accuse the president of taking too far, too often — was that he be able to reduce troops. And I’m sure he wants them out as much as you do. Senator Levin, thanks so much for joining us.

LEVIN: Well, thank you for your opinion. But I was hoping this would be an interview of me rather than an interview of you.

KILMEADE: Well, you know what, I did interview you. I listened to you talk. I watched you read. Senator Levin, thank you very much.

LEVIN: Thank you so much.

Sen. Levin is dead on. When Gen. Casey said let's reduce the troops you didn't hear a peep from the right-wing media. When Democrats say let's send the troops home all I heard was cut and run. But as I said nothing makes me happier then watching Foxnews anchors squirm like this.

Busted Again

You would think he would learn. Rush Limbaugh was detained in Florida for having a bottle of Viagra (Bill C insert joke here) that was not in his name.

First I guess he doesn't realize HE IS ON PROBATION. He could easily be sent to jail for this (I doubt he will even though he says all drug addicts should go to jail) but there is a lesson here from all the right wing: Do as they say not as they do.

They are hippocrites in the biggest way and I have given hundreds of examples of this.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Who exactly broke the law??

So they scrolled the following question on FoxNews: Did the LA and NY Times break the law when they ran a story how the Bush Administration is collecting data from banking records from U.S. citizens.

So let's see, according to Fox the Bush Administration can tap our phones, collect our cellphone records, monitor what we spending monitoring our bank records. That's ok.

This is straight out of Hitler. You wonder if that's all we know cause knowing the A-hole in the White House now anything is possible.

But then again who is exactly breaking the law here?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday's Bill O'Idiot tradidtion

It's my Sunday tradition as you all know to trash Bill O'Idiot's column in the Los Angeles Daily News. Today is no exception. He's upset that the two soldiers who were kidnapped tortured and murdered this week.

On that point I agree with him. I'm upset about that. I want something to be done about that. I want the troops to come home and that is where we differ.

First remember if we get upset when Iraqi's toture our troops we need to remind those on the right that we are doing the same thing. We are no better then they are in fact we are worse cause WE STARTED IT! So I guess eye for an eye applies. I don't like it but it's a fact.

Second Bill O'Idiot wants to take the gloves off. He said on his radio show that "it's time for the gloves to come off" that he "would impose martial law, a curfew and if anyone would violate the curfew he would shoot them between the eyes. That's what President O'Idiot would do".

Now that's why we are where we are in Iraq. The shoot first ask questions later is getting us nowhere. And it's funny how someone who HAS NEVER SERVED HIS COUNTRY is brave to threaten someone like that from afar. And remember what goes around comes around.

And by the way I have not served in the military and never claimed I have.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

More Princess Ann

So "liberal" Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum calls Ann Coulter a "satirist". If only she wasn't serious when she says that. Coulter, like Limbaugh, like O'Idiot is just a mean-sprited b*tch who is afraid like all the right-wing talking heads. She tries to bully and intimidate.

The only thing she might get credit for is she believes and doesn't deny what she says. She has the "yeah I said it do something about it" which most of the right-wing news and talk media doesn't do.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Go Bruce

I didn't know Bruce Springsteen had it in him.

Appearing on CNN today to promote his current tour and album of Pete Seeger songs, rocker Bruce Springsteen took note of the current controversy surrounding Ann Coulter in responding to a question about whether musicians should speak out on politics.

Springsteen was asked if getting flack about his political views, such as backing John Kerry in 2004, made him wonder if musicians should try so hard to be taken seriously on topical issues.

"They should let Ann Coulter do it instead?" he mused, with a chuckle. Then he said, "You can turn on the idiots rambling on cable television every night, and they say musicians shouldn’t speak up? It’s insane, it’s funny," he said, laughing.

He called politics "an organic part of what I’m doing. ... It’s called common sense. I don’t even see it as politics at this point.''

As for the Iraq war, he commented, "You don’t take your country into a major war on circumstantial evidence -- you lose your job for that. That’s my opinion and I don’t have a problem voicing that. Some people have a problem with that, others don’t."

He revealed that some former fans have mailed records back to him.

Of course if it was up to the right we would only hear songs by Bush supporters like Toby Keith (who's music I like).

Two Letters

I'd like to talk about two letters in the LA Daily News. One blames President Bill Clinton for Osama Bin Laden the other is wondering why the United States is the "ONLY" nation that is obeying the Geneva Convention.

First I realize the right likes to blame President Bill Clinton for everything but I'd like to take you back to when the U.S. embassies in Africa were bombed. President Bill Clinton sent out fighter jets to bomb the terror camp in Sudan where Osama Bin Laden was allegedly at.

I kept hearing from the right wing news and talk media pretty much the following:

How can someone who hasn't served in the military (much like most of the current administration but we don't hear about that) use our military in war,

We kept hearing how much each bomb cost from the right wing talking heads.

We kept hearing how this was a distraction with Monica Lewinsky.

No war for Monica was also a popular saying at the time. Wag The Dog (reference to a movie out about that time)

That's what was said. So you tell me who has done more to get Osama Bin Laden. George "I don't think about him anymore" Bush or Bill Clinton.

Now onto the second letter. I realize how stupid the right is but I guess they fail to realize that when WE torture prisoners (as we are in Cuba, as we did and are doing at Abu Gharib and at "secret" prisons in Europe) we set ourselves up for the same treatment. I don't like it I don't want it but that's what happens. They are responding to what we are doing.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just Wondering

Just wondering why the Repubicans are holding up renewel of provisions in the Voters Rights Act? Do they feel everyone should not have the right to vote? Or do they feel only certain people should vote (yes you get my drift). Just wondering.


So Rick Santorum (R, PA) said they found WMD's in Iraq. I don't know what he was looking at but they never did, that's according the THE WHITE HOUSE. Santorum must be on the same thing Patrick Kennedy was on.

Same old

As you know I've lived in Los Angeles all but 8 months of my life. As long as I can remember I've been hearing the San Andreas Fault is ready for a big earthquake. The same that leveled San Francisco in 1906.

So much to my suprise the news talked about yesterday that the San Andreas Fault is "ready" for an enormous earthquake. The report also said the fault can go today, 10 years from now we don't know.

Now again I've been hearing this for years. Right now I'm more concerned about unknown faults like what happened in Northridge in 1994. I'm prepared as I can be I do have an emergency kit in my car. We have supplies at home. That's the best you can do prepare for it to happen cause someday it will.

But until there is news when it will happen it's the same old. No new information. And I know scientists don't have the ability to predict earthquakes yet.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Congrats to the Miami Heat last night to winning the NBA Championship for the first time ever in the clubs history. The Dallas Mavericks choked that series as much as Phil Mickelson did the U.S. Open and USC did the Rose Bowl.

An open letter

Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to type an open letter for you:


I'd want to send a letter to express my frustration toward your news and talk programs. I expect fair coverage but outside of the Kieth Olbermann on MSNBC ALL of your shows are geared toward conservatives. Where am I to go to get unbiased reporting? Yes there are websites I can go to but don't always have access to a computer. All I see is conservative guests with conservative views and the few times there are liberal voices on, they are outnumbered by the conservative host and a conservative guest. Let's take a look at what is availible outside of Keith Olbermann.

Bill O'Reilly
Chris Matthews
Glen Beck
Sean Hannity
Joe Scarborough
Anderson Cooper
Lou Dobbs
James Gibson
Britt Hume

All of these hosts represent the conservative view and have mostly conservative guests. What does a liberal have to do. Any conservative who has a book can get booked on any show from the Today show to Jay Leno. Liberals like Sam Sedar come out with a brilliant book called Fubar and he can't get on any of the so-called liberal media shows.

So while you continue to offer the conservative viewpoint I guess in hopes to silence the liberal viewpoint I wonder what it will take for you to be fair and offer fair discussions on the issues instead of one-sided affairs as you do now? All I know is I rarely watch any of your networks anymore cause I'm sick and tired of not seeing anyone that shares my viewpoints on your programs.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How I would run the DMC campaign

We have an important election coming up in November everyone is saying there is a good chance Democrats can take back the House and Senate which would be great because we would finally have some oversite on the corrupt Bush Administration (did anyone see where contracts to Halliburton has risen 600% under Bush. No cause that was not reported by the Bush-loving media). Right now the Republicans have the advantage because they control the news and talk media.

But I have a couple of ideas for Howard Dean and the DNC.

First Iraq is not a war it's an occupation. Bush himself when he landed on the aircraft carrier a couple of years ago said the war was over (major combat operations) so if that were true why are soldiers still there and no signs of coming home. I would point that out. And continue to say it's an occupation instead of a war no matter what and if an interviewer says war correct him/her every time.

Second even though it probably wouldn't mean much to the average voter I would point out every district where there is a republican under investigation. I would point out how Democrats dismissed William Jefferson from the committee he is on even though he has only been under investigation yet Republicans are not willing to do the same with their members who are currently being investigated for criminal behavior like Bill Frist for that matter.(being investigated for insider trading)

I would continously play soundbites from Dick Cheney and George Bush when they said "No one could anticipate the insurgency in Iraq" or "No one anticipated the levees would fail" or any number of soundbites where the Bush Administration just looked stupid with the tagline "no overstite".

That's how I would do it.


I think I'd like to review things for a second. First W. likes to claim how terrorists want to take away our freedoms. Now who has taken away more of our freedoms then W? Who created this domestic spying program that allows the government to spy on it's own citizens (which no matter how he tries to spin it that's what he does) who decided it's ok to hold it's own citizens without charging them or giving them access to lawyers or even a trial? Who said it's ok to torture any they THINK is a terrorist (by the way Bush and anyone who gets upset about our boys being tortured if they get captured when we do the same thing and started it is a hipocrite). Who has created more terrorists (Bush) because of going to Iraq? Who has forgot about the person who is responsible for 9/11? (Bush again). So who has taken away our freedoms?

By the way I just saw the soldiers who were captured were found dead. Two more murdered at the hands of W.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just a number

So White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said last week the 2500th death was "just a number". I guess the old saying is true especially with the right 1 death is a tragedy 1 million deaths is a statistic.

Now you regular readers to my site know from time to time I list the NAMES of the soldiers who have fallen in this illegal war in Iraq and I will again on July 4th. Now to me these soldiers who have fallen are NOT just a number they are people. People with wives, husbands, people who are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters.

How DARE you Tony Snow downplay the bravest people of them all.

Activist Judges

I'd like to take a look at two rulings, well one Supreme Court ruling and one state law. Some (like myself) are against the recent Supreme Court ruling where the police have the right to enter your home without being announced.

Here is my observation: In states like Florida they recently passed a law where if an unknown person comes crashing through your home you have the right to shoot first. Wonder WHEN that contradiction will happen?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bill O'Idiot

So in his column today in the Los Angeles Daily News Bill O'Idiot says how people like Michael Moore are just like Ann Coultier. Now I know Moore is an outspoken critic of W. but I ask a few obsrervations as usual:

I don't remember hearing Micahel Moore accuse W. of being a rapist as Coulter has President Clinton.

I don't remember Michael Moore saying that W. should be assasinated as Coulter has also said President Clinton should be.

I mean I could be wrong on this but Ann Coulter deserves what she says.

No one has asked her about her voting fraud case in Florida. No one has said why she never goes to the church she claims she does no one calls her on anything she does wrong either.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Minimum Wage

So the Republican controlled Senate and Congress votes pretty much every year to give themselves raises but when it comes to raising minimum wage things like this happen:

From thinkprogress

Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee voted to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour by 2009. The increase passed as an amendment to the Labor-HHS spending bill after seven Republicans — Reps. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), John Sweeney (R-NY), Ray LaHood (R-IL), Don Sherwood (R-PA), Mike Simpson (R-ID), James Walsh (R-NY), and Bill Young (R-FL) — broke ranks to pass the increase.

The right wing objected to the move on the grounds that the committee “shouldn’t be legislating on an appropriations bill.” (They forget how Sen. Frist (R-TN) and Rep. Hastert (R-IL) did exactly that last year when they slipped liability protections for vaccine makers into a defense spending bill.)

The “next step” for the bill would have been for the House Rules Committee “to decide whether to ‘protect’ the amendment as part of the bill,” followed by a floor vote on their ruling.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who offered the amendment along with Rep. George Miller (D-CA), told ThinkProgress he was planning to fight attempts to take the increase out of the bill. “If there is an attempt to strip the amendment on procedural grounds,” he said, “we will fight back for the American people. The minimum wage is now at its lowest level in 50 years, and hardworking American families deserve a fair, livable wage.”

But now it looks like the vote will be delayed indefinitely. CongressDaily reported yesterday that “the bill would not reach the floor next week” and “there is a chance it would not come up even the following week, and possibly not at all.”

We need a regime change ASAP.

More Princess Ann

I got a good one from enemies list member number 2 Ann Coulter. She said in an interview that Rep. John Murtha should be "fragged" for the simple reason he wants the troops out of Iraq.

Now I could be wrong on this but isn't that a threat? Should charges be brought up on her?

Just wondering.


So in his column on Wed. Max Boot compared W. to Harry Truman. He forgot a few things.

First Truman had a sign on his desk "the buck stops here" Bush blames everyone BUT himself for his mistakes.

Second when it came time to serve President Truman served in WW1. Bush decided to pass on Vietnam.

Third Truman fought supplier corruption during the war. W just gives contracts to Halliburton. Truman fired MaCarthur when he failed to follow orders. Bush only fires people who disagree with him no matter what their performance is.

Funny how those things were left out.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Goodbye and Good Luck

So Sen. Joe Lieberman wants to run as an independent if he loses the Democratic Primary in CT. to progressive candidate Ned Lamont. I say don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out.

People like him need to leave the democrat party because he is just a suckup to the Bush Administration. There is no room for him. Get out.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nice Guy

So Bush has a Press Conference today and a reporter asks a question Bush responds "Are you going to ask me that question with those shades on?" Then says “I’m interested in the shade look, seriously.”

The reporter was Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times who IS legally blind. He has a disorder called Stargardt’s Disease The disease is a form of macular degeneration that can be slowed by wearing UV-protective sunglasses and avoiding exposure to bright light.

Nice to know your press core isn't it?

No one

Why whenever Bill O'Idiot is interviewed and just so obviously lies but no one EVER calls him on it? For instance I saw O'Idiot on the Today show he repeats his claim he NEVER attacks or smears anyone. Thanks to my friends at mediamaters I'd like to prove otherwise:

* Referring to media writer and Fox News Watch panelist Neal Gabler as a "rabid dog" and calling him a "bomb-thrower" and a "left-wing Kool-Aid drinker." O'Reilly also stated: "If a teacher ever went in there [to a classroom] and said, 'Adam and Eve is real,' Neal Gabler would have a noose around his [the teacher's] neck."

* Comparing liberal radio host and author Al Franken and "assassins" on the "Internet" and "cable television" to a New York City radio disc jockey who threatened "to do an R. Kelly" on the four-year-old daughter of a rival station's announcer.

* Stating of Jeremy Glick, an O'Reilly factor guest whose father was killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and who opposed the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan: "If I could have whacked him, I would have."

* Calling liberal radio network Air America "[d]isgusting" and "despicable."

* Stating that if he were President Bush, he "would have laid ... out" veteran White House journalist Helen Thomas after she pressed President Bush on his reasons for invading Iraq.

* Calling former Public Broadcasting Service host Bill Moyers a "totalitarian" and a "secular, far-left fanatic."

* Calling students at the University of Connecticut who heckled Coulter during a campus appearance "far-left Nazis."

* Calling Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) a "left-wing nut."

* Stating of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, "How nuts is this guy?"

* Stating that O'Reilly Factor guest Christopher Murray "sounds like a fascist" for saying that that public institutions should not display religious symbols.

* Calling former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader a "loon."

* Describing former president Jimmy Carter as "clueless" and "a fool."

* Saying of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), "He's a sissy."

* Calling Dallas Morning News columnist Macarena Hernandez "incompetent" and a "Latina ideologue."

* Telling Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, "You know I love you as a guest. You're one of the best. You're a paranoid crazy."

* Calling Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) a "nut" for introducing legislation to equip commercial aircraft with anti-missile systems to repel attacks from surface-to-air missiles; on his TV program. (O'Reilly later falsely denied that he'd made the remark, and subsequently claimed he "forgot" he had done so.)

So you tell me are those personal attacks?

Good News?

It looks like no indictments for Karl Rove dispite the fact he leaked info regarding covert cia agent Valerie Plame. Which might mean he's singing like a canary and fully cooperating with the prosecution.

Just wondering I seem to remember Bush saying he would fire anyone ASSOCIATED with the case? Just another flip-flop from him.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I often call the right-wing a bunch of hipocrites here is another reason why:

3 Republican Senators, LaMar Alexander (TN), who wrote a resolution that the national anthem be sung in English, Wayne Allard (R-CO), and Jim DeMint (R-SC)all have portions of their websites in Spanish.

The reason I bring this up is all three are the "let's get tough on immigrants" Senators so I would think they would not want to say be hipocrites on this issue. But then again it's typical right-wing nonsense.

nowhere to go

I was at my hangout the other day (a bar at a hotel) and all the sudden literally 100 cars came into the parking lot. They weren't guests at the hotel. They were just young adults (or whatever the PC term is to me they are kids) just hanging out. Not crated any trouble (at least when I was there). Since they were loitering the hotel did call the police (although I left before they got there). However that got me wondering.

When I was in High School in the 80's (El Camino Real class of 88) there were places to hang out. People who were in high school had places to go and be themselves. Most of the places I had growing up are gone now and I am wondering if the fact there isn't many places for high schoolers to go has something to do with the increase in violence in young adults.

Just wondering.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Princess Ann

I'm just wondering with this conservative news and talk media why with Princess Ann Coulter being on every show why no one is mentioning she's being investigated for voter fraud in Florida?

Just wondering. If it was a liberal media surely it would be mentioned wouldn't it?

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This might not make me that popular but I'd like to talk about it. Tennis player Maria Sharapova said recently that female tennis players should be paid as much as male tennis players.

I'd like to talk why that shouldn't happen. First when male tennis players play they go best 3 out of 5 sets. Females 2 out of 3. You tell me if that makes women deserving. Mens tennis outdraws ratings wise womens tennis. You tell me if that makes women deserving. You see if they want equal footing as men in term of sports they should equal what men do.

Now in the corporate world that's different I hear all the time women getting paid less then men for doing the same job and that's very wrong and that practice needs to be stopped. That's discrimination as far as I'm concerned.

Now back to sports when golfer Michelle Wie tries mens tournements she hits off the mens tees (which are further back then womens tees) so that's equal. When Danica Patrick races in the Indy 500 it's based on where she qualifies. That's equal. That's just my view.


As usual per Sunday I would like to talk about Bill O'Idiot's column in the Los Angeles Daily News. Today, he wonders why the "far left" wants fair income distribution instead of the tax cuts that Bush passed that most people will not get to benefit from.

Well it's like this. I don't own any multi-million dollar companies, I'm an employee. I contribute to the economy when I purchase products like anyone else. The only benefit I saw from Bush was when the he decided to give each american $300 or so dollars of the surplus (wonder if that could have helped say fight the war in Iraq which we all knew would have come no matter what).

So when I see Bush give tax cuts to the top percentage of the country (where by the way is the sacrafice of all americans during war but that's another story) I wonder what, if anything, would be done to low to middle class families who are hard working people but have seen no benefits of these tax cuts?

So I guess Mr. O'Idiot doesn't care about common folk does he?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Same Denial

So Democrats are trying to keep DeLay's name on the ballot in Texas. I'd like to give a quote from Gretchen Essell, communications director for the Republican Party of Texas
"The Democrats have resorted to their usual method of turning to the courthouse if they can't win at the ballot box,"

So I'm not sure if anyone remembers 2000 but who sued to stop the counting of all the votes? Oh yeah it was Republicans.

They live in such denial toward everything don't they?

A favor Please

Ladies and gentlemen I wanna talk serious for a bit. Several months ago I told you about my niece, all of 10 years old, being diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma disease. As you know my family was devastated by the news.

It's been a little over 6 months since that day and thankfully my niece Megan is doing well. She is currently taking her last round of chemo (which scared me as much as anything) and will have her tests in July where we are of course hoping that we are going to be told she is in remmission.

The reason I bring this up is this: On October 8th, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is sponsoring the Light The Night Walk. My family and myself are going to participate this worthy cause.

I have never asked for you to give me money as other sites do nor will I. This is not for me. This is for my niece and any child that has to go through this. If you can I would like you to donate through their site and through my mothers page there.

I don't wish to see any child suffer at the hands of this. Any donation whether it's $.01 to $1,000,000 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good Job. Move On

Congrats are in order for the killing Al-zaqawi. While that's good news no doubt just a few observations:

Why is Bush taking any credit? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but he didn't gather any intelligence. He didn't bomb the where Al-zaqawi was he had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it.

I hope Bush doesn't get stingy with the $25 million dollar reward to any Iraqi citizen who helped. They were truly heroes.

Where does this leave Iraq? Will the violence ease with his death or will it lead to more violence? Will whoever takes his place have the same philosophy or want to talk peace?

Will Bush try harder to get Bin Laden or will it be the same "I don't think about him anymore" stuff.

The answers will play out themselves all we can do is watch.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Reality Check

Just letting all you people who believe what Bush said about activist judges and gay marriage yesterday some facts.

First only 1 state has Gay Marriage. Massachusetts.

45 States states have either state statutes or constitutional ammendments banning gay marriage. 45 states.

There is only 1 state that had it's gay marriage ban overturned. That's Nebraska CAUSE the law passed barred EVERY type of same sex relationship. That is under appeal.

Now who is living in denial now?

Ann Coulter

You wonder why I put Ann Coulter on my enemies list. Found this quote from her at this is from her new book.

These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.

Nice person isn't she?

Just so you know

The Staff of Steve Westly was kind enough to respond to my email so he gets my vote. How you vote today is up to you but make sure if you have an election in your city/state you do vote. It's the most important thing you can do.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Here is the first response I got from Steve Westley. This is copied word for word.

Dear Erik,

Thank you for your interest in Steve Westly’s policy positions. Steve is a problem-solver with a long history of getting results in both business and government. His successful programs to crack down on tax cheats have brought in $4.8 billion in new and accelerated tax revenues without raising a nickel in taxes. His top priorities are fixing California’s education system and cleaning up California’s environment. We’re happy to address your questions.

Steve believes that California represents the future and that where Washington has failed, California must lead. Steve’s top priorities are improving public education, protecting the environment, and restoring fiscal discipline.

Too often partisan bickering gets in the way of real problem solving. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would work with members of both parties, but then he pushed a partisan special election attacking teachers, nurses, and firefighters, he cut funding for our schools, and he turned away 20,000 students from the University of California. Steve is running because we need a Governor who can work across the aisle and get things done for the people of California.


California's prosperity depends on a world-class public education system. That's why our schools will be Steve's top priority as Governor. A California native who attended public schools growing up and as the father of a daughter in public school, Steve understands that we need to renew our focus on public education to meet our obligation to our children.

Steve believes very strongly that education policy should be made in consultation with California’s teachers. He opposes any efforts to reduce school funding, expand vouchers, or threaten the integrity of public education. If you are a teacher, Steve would like your help: please sign up for Teachers for Westly here.

Steve’s agenda includes proposals to:

Fully Fund Our Schools. Steve fully supports the voter-approved commitment to public education funding, Proposition 98, which he considers a floor not a ceiling for school spending. When cost-of-living is considered, California still ranks near the bottom in per-pupil spending. That needs to change. Governor Schwarzenegger reneged on his promise to restore school funding and schools are now underfunded by billions of dollars. Although additional resources are not the only way to improve our schools, they are a crucial first step toward reform. Additionally, Steve believes we should fund a system of universal preschool, which is why he supports the preschool initiative headed for the June ballot.

Invest in Our Teachers. Great schools start with great teachers. California must renew its commitment to teachers by giving them the resources they need to succeed. Too many talented individuals leave the profession and that means fewer experienced teachers in our classrooms. Steve will institute a teacher training program including workshops and mentoring to guide teachers through the tough initial years of teaching and beyond. But training and mentoring aren’t enough. Steve will give California teachers the resources they need to excel in the classroom and treat each child as an individual.

Build 21st Century High Schools. California’s high schools need to be reinvented for the new century. They must address the growing drop-out problem, teach students basic reading and writing, and prepare graduates for the careers of tomorrow. That’s why Steve will lead a redesign of high school education, focusing on basic skills and outcomes, community partnerships, and career and technical education. Students who aren’t going to four-year colleges deserve a chance to succeed too.

Expand Local Control. Education decisions are best made by parents and teachers at the community level, not bureaucrats in Washington D.C. or Sacramento. That’s why Steve will empower schools that show improvement in student achievement to spend categorical funds as they see fit. Steve will reduce burdensome state mandates, give local districts the flexibility they need to meet performance goals, and increase the number of charter schools. Steve also supports reducing the threshold for approving new parcel taxes, so local communities can decide to invest more in their schools.

Steve also recently delivered a keynote speech to the Education Trust-West. In it he focused attention on the serious achievement gap in California’s schools and offered some concrete steps to begin to address it. Chief among them is a plan to move the best principals to those schools most in need of improvement. Read Steve’s speech here.

If you haven’t already, check out our Teachers For Westly website where you can learn more and share your ideas, click here.

Budget and Taxes

California suffers from a persistent structural budget deficit. In response, Sacramento politicians offer us only two solutions: raising taxes or cutting essential services. Steve has a better way. He knows that the state doesn’t collect all the tax revenues it is owed, and doesn’t spend the money it has in the most effective way. Until government does a better job of those two tasks, it has no right to tell people they should go without important services or pay higher taxes. Tax increases should be the last resort, not the first.

Based on his experience as a businessman and high-tech innovator, Steve will transform state government for the 21st century. As Governor, Steve will reinvent how government collects and spends money, delivers services, and provides benefits.

§ Collect Money Already on the Books Before We Raise Taxes. Some $6 billion in unpaid taxes is lost every year, money that could fund roads, hospitals, and schools. When fraud artists cheat the state, the rest of us pay more or do with less. That’s why Steve will crack down on the underground economy, empower investigators with new technology to go after tax cheats, expand the successful tax amnesty program, and close tax loopholes. As Controller, Steve is one of the only state officials who has successfully raised revenues without raising taxes through his successful tax amnesty program and voluntary compliance initiative. Together these programs have already brought in $4.8 billion dollars of new and accelerated revenues.

§ Get Smart about Government Reorganization. Everyone agrees California has redundant departments and overlapping agencies, but Governor Schwarzenegger hasn’t shown the political will to get serious about reform. It’s not a job for an action hero pledging to “blow up boxes,” but for a business leader from one of the most successful 21st century companies. Steve will demand every department head in his Cabinet meet tough performance goals, use best practices from the private sector, and consolidate outdated systems.

§ Make Better Use of Technology. As a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve understands that technology can transform state government. That’s why Steve will streamline the process for tech procurement, hire talented personnel instead of relying on expensive short-term consultants, and use technology to increase accountability.

§ Audit for Outcomes, Not Just Finances. Too often, the state bureaucracy worries more about how money is spent than whether it’s used effectively. Steve will shift the focus onto measurement and performance. Audits must determine whether the state is using taxpayer money effectively to improve people’s lives.

§ Transform How Government Buys Goods and Services. California should use its market power to get the best deal on goods and services. Too often bureaucratic layers and outdated bidding procedures let private companies take advantage of the state. That’s why Steve will transform the procurement process, consolidate statewide contracts that include multiple departments, and force contractors to meet tough new standards to do business with the state.


Californians should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, over six million of us have no health insurance. This includes almost 800,000 children. Both the State and the business community have a responsibility to address this shameful situation. Californian also must protect its citizens against public health threats. This is especially important in a time of bird flu and possible terrorist attacks.

Steve’s plan for meeting the healthcare needs of California includes:

§ Insure every child. The Healthy Families program now provides healthcare to over 700,000 low-income children. But too many kids—most of them children of working parents without job-based coverage– don’t have insurance. This is because their families earn too much to be in the low-cost Healthy Families insurance program, but too little to afford coverage of their own. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would raise the income threshold for subsidized healthcare and insure coverage for every child in the State. As governor, Steve will call on the legislature to pass that bill again and promptly sign it.

§ Enact a drug discount program. Modern pharmaceuticals have dramatically improved the promise of healthcare. But many people simply can’t afford the drugs they need. Steve is committed to enacting a program that addresses the high cost of drugs by leveraging the buying power of the state for the benefit of its citizens.

§ Require workplace coverage. Seven out of eight companies with at least 50 employees provide insurance coverage to their employees. Taxpayers end up providing a subsidy to those companies that don’t provide coverage when their employees end up in our public healthcare system. Steve supports Senator Migden’s proposed California Fair Share Health Care Act that would require companies with at least 10,000 employees who provide inadequate or no coverage for their employees to contribute to the state’s Medi-Cal system. As governor, he would push to require companies with far fewer than 10,000 employees to provide healthcare benefits.

§ Expand our public health system. Public health must be a priority. We must face risks such as bird flu and bio-terrorist attacks. We must also focus on prevention, health screening, and health education. Prevention is the most cost-effective way to spend our healthcare dollars. It’s cheaper and smarter to keep people healthy in the first place rather than paying for costly acute care in emergency rooms.

Does Steve support a single payer healthcare system? Steve strongly supports the two main objectives of a single payer system: universal coverage and reducing administrative costs. That said, he questions whether a single payer system is politically feasible. SB 840, which passed the Senate, has no funding source. The sponsors acknowledge it would require enactment of about $90 billion in new income and payroll taxes. The Republicans would block any attempt to pass such a massive tax increase.

As a problem solver, Steve wants to focus on providing coverage as soon as possible to some of the six million Californians who have none today, rather than debate the merits of a program that won’t be enacted. That’s why he’s focused on expanding the Healthy Families program to hundreds of thousands of children, and the Migden employer mandate bill to ensure large employers provide coverage or pay the state so we can afford the cost of providing healthcare to their employees.


Dirty air and toxic water threaten everyone. That’s why protecting California’s environment will be one of Steve’s top priorities as Governor. Steve has a long history of environmental activism, beginning with his first job out of college working on solar energy for Jimmy Carter. He continued his work through the Santa Clara County Land Trust and as the editor of two books on renewable energy.

Because the Bush administration has ignored environmental crises, California must take the lead in addressing climate change, oil dependency, and environmental degradation. Fortunately, California’s economic power, innovative people, and tradition of technology have primed the state for environmental leadership.

Steve’s agenda builds on California’s unique position to:

§ Clean Up Our Air and Water. The progress California has made since the 1970s on air and water pollution is in jeopardy. Particulate pollution clouds our skies, while aging water treatment facilities and nonpoint toxic runoff threaten our water. The Central Valley, for instance, faces the worst air pollution in the country. That’s why Steve will invest in the next generation of pollution control technologies, strengthen the Cal-EPA and air boards, and demand that polluting factories be shut down.

§ Reduce California’s Dependence on Foreign Oil. Our dependence on foreign oil jeopardizes not only our environment, but also our national security. That’s why Steve has laid out an ambitious plan to reduce California’s use of fossil fuels 20% by 2015, and 40% by 2025. Steve’s plan also includes efforts to expand the market for alternative energy, invest in clean technology, and promote conservation through tax incentives and the phase-out of old, inefficient technology.

§ Make California the First State to Directly Address Climate Change. Washington DC has ignored climate change, but California cannot. Steve will cut California’s carbon emissions and make California fully compliant with the Kyoto Treaty. To get there, Steve will demand tough new fuel efficiency standards, invest in green buildings and hybrid car fleets for the state, and increase electricity conservation with ideas like incentives for energy-saving lighting. He’ll also provide leadership on a regional cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions through innovative, market-based solutions.

§ Demand Environmental Justice. Too often, poor and minority communities suffer the greatest burden from toxic soil and water. To ensure all Californians enjoy a clean environment, Steve will redevelop brownfields, improve our monitoring of toxics, and ensure everyone has clean drinking water. He’ll also expand access to public health programs and institute new regulations to reduce childhood asthma, which predominantly strikes African American and Latino children. Steve will make environmental justice a centerpiece of his agenda.

To read the full text of Steve’s keynote address to the Sundance Summit, click here.

Unfortunately, our campaign is in high gear now, so we may not be able to address further follow up questions in a timely fashion. We encourage you to check our website for further updates and information at We thank you for your interest and hope to earn your support.


Policy Staff

Westly for Governor

What do you think.

According to Bill Frist, , the most import issues facing the country is Gay Marriage and Flag Burning. I don't know what country he is in but I could think of a few more pressing issues.

Health Care


Fair Wages


Disaster Preparedness

Government getting involved in our everyday lives

Homeland Security

Illegal Immigration

I would also like to know what you think. Are flag burning and banning gay marriage more important than those issues? Are there other issues more important then those?

An update from Last Week

Last week I told you I sent emails to both Democratic Candidates that are running for Governor asking the simple question why should I vote for them. As of this post I haven't heard anything (obviously thinking one of their staff would send something) so obviously neither want my vote. Nice going.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More on Bush

In a further effort to divide the country as Bush is so fond of doing, Bush is going to throw his support to an amendment to ban gay marriages due to the effect of it "destroys the sanctity of marriage."

Now I'm just asking a question here BUT doesn't divorce destroy the sanctity of marriage more then same sex couples??

Just asking.

A reminder

I think I need to remind Bill O'Reilly (in his Sunday Los Angeles Daily News column today) a few things.

First he is actually blaming President Bill Clinton for ignoring Al Queda and Osama Bin Lauden. Now someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. President Clinton started a bombing campain in Suddan because he found Osama Bin Laden was behind the bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Africa. I think O'Idiot needs to be reminded what he said (as well as his contemporaries). He kept saying things like this is being done to distract us (like what Bush does) from his affairs. I kept hearing from the right "how come since he never served (like Bush) he is bombing countries" I kept hearing the price of each bomb like it was a waste of time. I wonder if the so-called liberal news and talk media (mind you this was on ALL networks) actually saw how evil he was would they have said those things.

Now we have George Bush. After 9/11 I supported (and still do) the invasion into Afghanastan. I want Osama Bin Laden's head on a platter. Problem is Bush decided Iraq was more important then the person who is responsible for the deaths of 3000 American's in 9/11. I've always said if Bush took care if Afghanastan then went into Iraq the country might not be as against what's going right now.

Now a few things bother me: We know Bush's business ties to the Bin Ladens. We know on 9/11 Bush had planes fly Bin Laden's family out of the U.S. (instead of asking where he was) why aren't we talking about Bin Laden?

One other thing that bothers me is when Bush said "I don't think about Bin Laden much." Here we have a person who is responsible for the deaths of 3000 people and Bush has forgot about him? What is it going to take another attack by him and his people?

I think O'Idiot and the right need to get their priorities straight and get Bin Laden. But that won't happen will it?

Friday, June 02, 2006


There is an interesting article in Rolling Stone Magazine by Robert Kennedy Jr. about the 2004 election. A lot of circumstantial evidence but enough I feel an investigation should happen. We know Bush can't win a fair election.


There is an interesting article in Rolling Stone Magazine by Robert Kennedy Jr. about the 2004 election. A lot of circumstantial evidence but enough I feel an investigation should happen. We know Bush can't win a fair election.


So the Department of Homeland Security CUT funding to Washington D.C. and New York but RAISED funding to Georgia and Wyoming. Excuse me for being confused while Atlanta might be a target for terror attacks what is there in Wyoming except that it is where Cheney is from.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Abortion Ban Round 2

Louisiana joined South Dakota in banning all abortions. Sad state of affairs because you know the Supreme Court will uphold it.

A Simple Question

I just sent an email to both Democratic Governor candidates asking what I feel is a simple yet complex question: Why should I vote for either of them. I will post any answers I get if any.