Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Clinton Bashing

Another inacurate Bill Clinton bashing letter in the Los Angeles Daily News. You remember that last one, which inacurately blamed President Clinton for the slow response after hurricane Andrew hit Florida when he wasn't even President yet don't you? Well this one says that Bill Clinton did nothing to stop Bin Laden after the terrorists attacks on the Cole and in Africa and did nothing on the first World Trade Center attacks.

Well let's see first everyone connected with the first World Trade Center attacks last I checked is currently in jail after being arrested. Same with Oklahoma City where McViege (sorry mispelled I know) is dead and Nicholls is serving a life sentence for the crime. As far as the USS COle and the African Embassy bombings, I'm sure everyone conveniently forgets he went after Bin Laden. He was bombing in Sudan the terror base where Bin Laden was suspected to be. What did we hear from the right-wing media? We heard either one of the following:

This is a distraction
How can someone who hasn't served attack the bases?
These missiles cost $1 million dollars everytime they are shot off. What a waste of money.
And my favorite: Wag the Dog.

Funny how the right forgets about this.

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