Sunday, November 13, 2005


I might stun you all but I think Bill O'Reilly, to a point anyway, for the first time has a valid point(again to a degree) in his column in today's Los Angeles Daily News. He's talking today about how the country is swinging left after Tuesday's election. I still say wait to next years congress and senate elections to make sure but I disagree with two of the three reasons he states.

First I disagree with him. He states the public doesn't understand the importance of Iraq and why the sacrafice is necessary. While I agree to the last sentence the president hasn't been able to spell it out what he fails to understand is we were lied to about going into Iraq and we see soldiers dying everyday based on that lie. That's why American's are against the war.

His second point I agree completely. He sates people are pissed off cause of high gas prices. The president who has influence over the oil companies (anyone who denies that is not seeing straight) and the oil companies are making record profits. Not like I'm against anyone making money but they are making money at the suffering of others and the president has sat on his hands and done nothing. The head of the oil companies when they testified before the senate did not even have to be sweared in so they lied to the senate. That is going to hurt come election time.

His last point I disagree with. He blames the negative media. Funny I remember when Bill Clinton was president the NEWS media hardly showed any of his daily speeches yet they are showing every speech Bush makes. I've never seen a president get such favorable press from the media as Bush does so the media is a big Bush supporter and to deny that you again need to look at reality cause these are facts.

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