Thursday, November 03, 2005


I'd like to talk briefly about two op-ed pieces in two different Los Angeles newspapers.

One Max Boot in yesterdays Los Angeles Times and in today's Los Angeles Daily News the op-ed piece by Thomas Sowell.

Both are downplaying the Valerie Plame case Boot actully claims Joe Wilson is the only criminal in the case and Sowell states Libby wasn't charged with a crime where the was appointed for(sounds like Ken Starr huh).

There was obvious enough evidence (5 counts worth) to charge Libby and the investigation is continuing on Rove but the point is to downplay the importance of this indictment (remember Bush said he would fire ANYONE involved) this is the biggest scandal since Iran-Contra and if convicted Libby can spend a long time in prison. But to republicans this is not a big deal.

Makes you wonder what is important doesn't it?

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