Friday, December 01, 2006

After a cliffhanger

First my usual disclaimer: This is a prediction. If you choose to agree with me and bet that is your choice, not mine. Leftoverright is not responsible for any lost wages due to your bet. That is all.

After careful, painful consideration I'm going to make a prediction on the only game that matters in town tomorrow:

Kings 4 Ducks 3

Seriously though I tried to come up with a way UCLA could win the game and I can't so here we go:

USC 36

And I don't think the score will really reflect the game. UCLA will score a late touchdown.

By the way there is a first tomorrow: First time UCLA plays USC, The Kings play the Ducks and the Lakers play the Clippers all in the same day.


Robert E Wilson said...

So, where's the prediction for the Clippers-Lakers game?

Erik said...

Lakers 102 Clippers 91. Kobe will have 42. Didn't see that one coming huh :)

Robert E Wilson said...

The Bruins played a great game, the Trojans didn't. They have no excuses.

Erik said...

Robert even I'm stunned on this one. Right score on the Kings game wrong team though. Right win on the Lakers game wrong score. BUt UCLA winning and screwing USC is always a good thing :)

Robert E Wilson said...

I can't say I'm that disappointed. USC, as I have been saying all year, was overrated. They have a great, great coach and mediocre players this year. They had no business almost going to the title game. Ohio State would have totally embarrassed them.

Oregon, Oregon State, Notre Dame, California, and UCLA are all better than the Trojans this year. It was Trojan confidence (credit Carroll on this) that got them as far as they went. They lost that edge. Did you see how with 6 minutes left in the game, the Trojans were already hanging their heads. They were only down by 4 points for heaven's sake! You should have heard me yelling at my TV telling the Trojans to wake up.

Erik said...

Actually Oregon State and UCLA were better. Since USC beat the others USC was better then them.

Erik said...

Robert I'd like to get an opinion on something changing the subject. You know I do respect your view. I'd like to know why Fox News seems to claim saying Happy Holliday's is so wrong.

Robert E Wilson said...

"Actually Oregon State and UCLA were better. Since USC beat the others USC was better then them."

That logic doesn't work. After all, Cal, Oregon, and Notre Dame beat UCLA so how can they be better than UCLA if USC is better than them?

Robert E Wilson said...

I can't speak for Fox News. Is it really Fox News as a whole or just some of its pundits who are against the use of "Happy Holidays"?

As for my opinion, when I with people I know are all Christians (my family, my co-workers at this time), I say "Merry Christmas". I'll say "Happy Holidays" when I'm not sure of the other's religion (A lot of attorneys are Jewish).

I only get offended when people use traditions and items that are about Christmas and rename them to suit their own holiday. These include:

Christmas tree, not holiday tree.
Christmas carols, not holiday carols.
Santa Claus or Father Christmas, not the "Hannukah elf" or whatever.

Erik said...

As far as I know the only Chanukah thing we have is the Chanukah Bush I never heard of a Chanukah elf. My thing is nothing really offends me. Whether it's Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanza whatever. It's to me called free speech.

Robert E Wilson said...

You're always talking about "free speech" but you obviously don't believe in it either. After all, you objected harshly to what Michael Richards said. Wasn't he just exercising "free speech"? Just because you don't think something is offensive doesn't mean it's okay to say.