Saturday, December 16, 2006

Death Penalty

I've always taken the non-liberal position on thedeath penalty. I'm for them. It astounds me how people think that people who are convicted of killing other people should be left alive. So you might imagine how I feel when I see people who are so against the death penalty protest prisons and insult I feel the families of the victims by their appearence there. Also things like this disturb me.,0,7925373.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush halted executions in Florida because someone who was executed took 34 minutes to die after his lethal injection was not inserted properly. I say poor baby he should of thought of the consequence when the person did the crime he was convicted of. If you suffer I say good. I say you deserve what you get and if you are not prepared to do the time and face the consequence of your actionts don't do the crime.

It's sad that people feel more sorry for the criminal then the victim.

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