Sunday, December 24, 2006

Response to a letter

I'd like to respond to a letter in today's Los Angeles Times. The letter writter said that we were invaded on 9/11 and habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants should not be allowed.

First we were not invaded on 9/11 we were attacked. The people who attacked us were killed. We invaded a country where the attacker (in case you forget like Bush has that persons name is Osama Bin Laden) and let the person responsible for the attack escape where he is still at large today.

We also ignored the country (Saudi Arabia) where a majority of the people who attacked us were from and where Osama Bin Laden was from and where I think he is. Bush also instead of detaining Osama Bin Laden's relatives perhaps getting an idea where he is decided to let them fly away on 9/11 at taxpayer expense. Remember that important piece of information especially since no one else was able to fly.

And also remember despite what Bush and Cheney and the right-wing media has claimed was also invaded a country that had no weapons of mass destruction and had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11 which was Iraq. Iraq had no terrorists til after we invaded Al Queda was not there til after we invaded and we killed more people in Iraq then Saddam Hussein was convicted for. Remember that.

So I guess what I'm telling the letter writter is that we were not invaded on 9/11 so your argument is false.

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