Sunday, December 17, 2006


You all know I'm a big sports fan. I love watching sports. I'd like to briefly talk about the disgusting fight last night between players of the Denver Nuggest and the New York Knicks.

First I hope NBA Head Honcho David Stern throws the book in terms of suspension of the players involved. The precedent was set with the Ron Artest brawl in Detroit and as far as I'm concerned this is the same thing. So to me that means Mardy Collins (who started it the the flagrant foul) and Carmelo Anthony (who threw a punch) should be gone for the year should be gone for the year. Period. Everyone else should get at least 20 games. There is no room for the disgusting display last night.

And a memo to New York Knick coach Isoah Thomas, who whined about the fact the Nuggest had their players in. Grow up. You were a baby when you were a player and now that you have no chance in New York you are more of a baby. You need control of your players.

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