Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I just wonder how come no one calls these right-wingers comments for the stupid bastards they are. No one does. I'm not saying they are not allowed to say or think what they want but they are so backwards I wonder why anyone takes what they say seriously. For instance here is Whiffleball's Chris Matthews yesterday talking to John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth: (thanks to crooksandliars)

Matthews:: What is it, does she do this, does she bust (bite) your balls like this when you're…?

Elizabeth: My children are watching this…(laughing)

Matthews: …What happened to the Stepford wives. The good old days…Oh, how PC. Why don't you hiss. Oh, thank you. Finally the frigging hiss…

Now he wants the Stepford wives? Just someone obedient? Get this disgusting freak off the air. NOW! Oh wait he's a right-winger no one can touch him can he?

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