Sunday, December 10, 2006


I say that alot when it comes to my favorite Bill O'Idiot but in his column (by the way on the FRONT PAGE of the viewpoints in the Los Angeles Daily News)he is really over the line.

People like him blame everyone BUT the person or people responsible. For instance he actually blames the MEDIA for what's going on in Iraq. The MEDIA's (which as always he forgets he's a part of)job is to report the news. No more no less. The media did not create the occupation we have in Iraq and the media is reporting the facts about the occupation. It's not their fault and by the way O'Idiot covers the occupation on his show too so does that mean he is to blame or is it everyone BUT him? I'm reporting, you decide.

Now blame the war really on a couple of things. First it's EVERY Democrat and Republican congressmen and congresswoman as well as EVERY Senator again of both parties who said Bush could invade Iraq but the majority of blame goes to the moron in the White House named George W. Bush.

Why is it his fault? Let's see... He invaded Iraq based on intelligence he tilted to his views, he invaded Iraq without a plan, he invaded Iraq and lied to the public on how quick it would end. He lied about the reasons going to Iraq. That is who deserves the blame for Iraq.

But that's just me.

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