Saturday, December 30, 2006


I would like to make a few predictions for next year. Some sarcastic some serious. Some maybe right some maybe wrong but we will see.

Nothing will change in Iraq. That's one I of course pray I'm wrong.

Bush will try his best to stop the Democrats from getting anything done YET will blame them for not getting anything done.

The Media will continue to parade criminal Republicans (and occassional Democrats) on their talk shows meaning we will only get one point of view as always and it will be the wrong point of view.

The hype for the 2008 election will continue to be more then what it is.

The Super Bowl winner will be the Baltimore Ravens.

UCLA Basketball will make another run in the Tourney but will end up losing to Ohio State in the final four.

USC Basketball will show signs of life even though no one shows up to their games to see.

While another year of fear but no terror attacks, there will be a huge natural disaster in the U.S. and Bush will do nothing like he did with Katrina therefore losing at least one more U.S. city like he lost New Orleans. And it will be something no one could see coming.

Celebrities will continue to go through spouses like they go through their wardrobes and no one but the media will care like right now.

Bush will sacrafice more troops in Iran. Again I hope I'm wrong.

There will be investigations on Bush and the most damning thing will be with his and Cheney's energy task force which will show beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bush has everything to do with the high gas prices because gas prices are going up right now and the price of oil is falling.

The Cubs, despite making perhaps the biggest splash in free agency this year, still will not win the world series. In fact I think it will be the Florida Marlins who will win. They had a great run last year.

The Detroit Red Wings will win the NHL Stanley Cup. No one will care.

The Lakers will make a run in the NBA Playoffs but will fall short to eventual winner the Denver Nuggets. No one will care.

That's what I have for now. Please as always be safe and don't drink and drive.

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