Friday, December 22, 2006


So on MSNBC typical Republican Strategist Cheri Jacobus as usual got the priorities wrong when it game to Virgil Goode's (R) comments towards newly elected Muslim-AMERICAN Keith Ellison. If you recall Goode (being another racist right-winger in a long list of them).

So here is how Ms. Jacobus spun it yesterday:

JACOBUS: Well, first of all, I'm a pretty big fan of free speech, so even if Congressman Goode's remarks were somewhat inelegant, if you read the blogs today there are a lot of people who sort of get his larger point -- first on immigration -- but also, you do have a newly elected Democrat [sic] Muslim member of Congress who seems to be proactive in making a stink about this, saying, "I will not be sworn in with my hand on the Bible like every other elected member to Congress before me."

First off they are not supposed to be sworn in on anything. All members are supposed to do is RAISE THEIR HANDS IN THE AIR. It is the congressperson's choice if they want to be sworn in on the bible. But the "person" continued:

JACOBUS: And he could have -- look, if he wasn't trying to make a stink about it, if he wasn't trying to cause controversy, what he should have done, and the mature thing to do and the diplomatic thing to do, would be to say, "You know, I think I would like both." But instead, you have a newly elected member of Congress trying to cause controversy, and yet we're focusing on Virgil Goode? I think that's a little bit strange.

The only people making a stink about it are the right-wingers. No one else. But again (Robert I know you don't like this) more racism for the racist right.

Thanks to media maters.

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