Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bill O'Idiot

You know how much I love every week to prove how out of touch Bill O'Idiot is with reality. Here is some more.

This week the moran decides to attack Hollywood for an unknown reason. Only thing I can think of is jealousy. Here are the quotes:

"So let's be straight here: My money says Tina Fey doesn't know anything about the roots of terrorism or how to how to prevent the next terror attack. The woman can sneer all day long, but I'll put her on my TV program in a heartbeat if she wants to prove me wrong."

"Neil Young can write all the mediocre music he wants about how evil the Bush administration is, but while he is rockin in the free world, I know it wouldn't be fre if Young were in charge"

"When the pouty Dixie Chicks, who are having big trouble selling concert tickets this sumer can tell me the orgin of the Islamic Brotherhood, then I might go to one of their shows."

I don't know why O'Idiot is so angry all the time I don't. But let's take it point by point here:

First regarding the comments about Tina Fey - I realize O'Idiot lives in Fantasyland BUT not even Bush can prevent the next terror attack so why ask an actress when the big military machine can't do it?

Now Neil Youngs album Living With War is a brilliant album BUT I would like to ask O'Idiot how many freedoms have we lost under Bush? Many is the answer and it's only getting worse.

With the Dixie Chicks he, like all right-wingers need to get over it. But they dwell on the past so much they are sick.

He also takes nonsense shots at Bill Maher,George Clooney, Jon Stewart. I don't get it. I really don't. WHy the anger about people who are taking a stand? IF you disagree with them that's fine but I am willing to make a bet that all of those things you attacked them for you wouldn't be able to find without your staff and couldn't name them off the top of your head.

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