Friday, September 01, 2006

Where to Begin

I guess if you are a conservative especially in the Bush Administration you can have op-ed pieces anywhere. THere is more nonsense from Rummy in today's so-called liberal Los Angeles Times. While most of it is just the continued nonsense from the speech the other day one paragraph caught my eye:

"Then there is the case of Amnesty International, a long-respected human-rights organization, which called the detention facillity at Guantanamo Bay the "gulag of our times" - a reference to the vast system of Soviet prisons and labor camps where innocent citizens were starved, torturned and murdered. The facillity at Guantanamo Bay, by contrast, includes a volleyball court, basketball court, soccer field and library (the book most requested is Harry Potter). The food, served in accordance with Islamic diets, costs more per detainee than the average U.S. military ration."

I'd like to respond. First it's well known that the military IS torturing prisoners down there. There are numberous reports of that. Second there are innocent people there as well. People kidnapped from their country. Now not all of them are don't get me wrong but I bet there are more innocent people there then guilty. Third the rosey picture he wants to paint there is fine. The very fact is he said the military is not spending enough on our soldiers is reason enough for him to resign or be fired.

That's what I think.

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