Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Usual

I read the headline in Bill O'Idiot's column today and got really excited. The headline read the following "Hyper-Partisans are damaging America".

First his definition of hyper-partisans: A hyerper-partisan is a person who does not seek the truth; rather, he or she tailors information to fit a perconceived political viewpoint. What is actually happening in the world is not important to those ideological zombies; it's all about reinforcing their core beliefs.

I thought my god he might have a column that makes sense for the first time ever. Then I remembered who I was dealing with. He goes to bash liberals and democrats. You see what he forgets is that definition applies mainly to him and his ilk. Remember they are in control of all aspects of our lives. The so-called liberal media (which is complete bs) gives Bush a pass on EVERYTHING and doesn't call him for the lying SOB he is. The right-wing radio hosts are allowed to make up things and state them as facts.

You want an example more recently? President Bill Clinton was on the Wallace show this morning on Fox News. After being ambushed by Wallace and the usual right-wing lies about him and after President Bill Clinton retaliated here is what the headline reads on Fox News: "Clinton gets crazed". Now you tell me if that's hyper-partisan. By the way Fox News employs Bill O'Idiot.

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