Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Handicapping the races

Actually I don't mean the political races I mean in Baseball. You all know I'm a sports fan and once in awhile I like to talk sports. So here we go.
NL Manager of the year:
A) Charlie Manuel (Phillies)
B) Joe Girardi (Marlins)
C) Grady Little (Dodgers)
D) Willie Randolph (Mets)

To me this is a no-brainer Joe Girardi. Shame he's going to get fired cause he doesn't get along with the owner he's done a great job.

AL Manager of the year:

Jim Leyland (Tigers)
Ron Gardenhire (Twins)
Joe Torre (Yankees)

The obvious choice is Jim Leyland of the Tigers. Took a team that lost over 100 games a couple of years ago and look at them now.

NL Rookie of the year:

A) Russell Martin (Dodgers)
B) Andre Eithier (Dodgers)
C) Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals)
D) Dan Uggla (Marlins)

My pick. As much as I'd like to say Martin Uggla deserves it. He's had a hell of a year..

Jared Weaver (Angles)
Francisco Liriano (Twins)

My Pick. Weaver. Amazing year

NL Cy Young:

Trevor Hoffman (Padres)
Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)
Roger Clemens (Astros)

My Pick: Hoffman. It would be Clemens but Hoffman's been pretty impressive all year.

AL Cy Young:

Johan Santana (Twins)
Kenny ROgers (Tigers)
Chein-Ming Wang (Yankees)

My pick. Santana. Duh??

NL and AL comeback player of the year: I combined them both because to me the winners were obvious. But then again.

NL Nomar Garciaparra AL Frank Thomas. Where would their teams be without them.


Albert Puljos (Cardinals)
Ryan Howard (Phillies)

My pick: It's a tough call but I think Howard's been so dominating this year he deserves it.


Frank Thomas (A's)
Derek Jeter (Yankees)
Papi Ortiz (Red Sox)

This is so tough. BUt the Yankees always contend and the A's would be absolutely nowhere if they didn't have Thomas bat. I know he's a DH and that will hold some people back but I give it to Frank Thomas in the narrowist of margins.

Tell me what you think. Am I right or wrong?


Robert E Wilson said...

DH's don't counts since they aren't real baseball players.

Pujols is the NL MVP. He got the Cards in the playoffs.

As far as I'm concerned, no pitcher in the NL is deserving of the Cy Young award, and it should never be a relief pitcher, they have their own award, anyway.

I would have said Ethier as NL Rookie of the Year if he hadn't slid so much at the end.

Weaver is the obvious AL Rookie of the Year.

Jim Leyland is definitely AL manager of the year. I don't see any obvious NL choice, but I certainly wouldn't give it to Grady Little. Maybe Dusty Baker (just kidding).

Erik said...

I say Felipe Alou since the Giants laid down for the Dodgers the last weekend. The reason I say Thomas is where would the A's have been if he wasn't there. And if Thomas signed with the Angels they would have dominated the division. I would normally agree on the DH but this year the A's won soley cause of him. That's why I would give it to him.