Sunday, September 10, 2006


I wanna talk about the BS in Bill O'Idiot's column in today's Los Angeles Daily News. He's more off the wall then usual but what would I expect from someone who is out of touch with reality like he and his ilk are.

Now the headline reads "Parallels between Nazi, Islamic fascism" but he doesn't even talk about it. He goes on a tirade about the chair of the Democratic Party Howard Dean and the so-called liberal media which has given Bush nothing but a free ride.

First the attack on Gov. Dean. He says "I blame the news media first, and irresponsible politicians like Howard Dean second." But as usual he gives no reasons why anything is Howard Dean's fault and nothing really is. If you seem to recall if anything is anyone's fault it IS the repulicans since THEY ARE IN CHARGE! Remember that.

Now with the media. I'm going to have a post in a minute how the media has done nothing to blame Bush about anything especially something that was just released by the Senate. The media has done nothing but support Bush blindly and there is so much proof on that it's scary.

Now one last point I'd like to make is O'Idiot seems to forget how Bush has done more to promote what terrorists want then they have. Bush has taken away our freedoms which is exactly how and why they are winning.

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