Monday, September 04, 2006

Rich Lowry

I'd like to talk about Rich Lowry's column a bit that appears in today's Los Angeles Daily News. There are two points that he is so obviously lying I'm praying someone calls him on it besides me:

"When it comes to the Iraq War the Democrats are the party of defeat. This is not a partisan smear but a fact."

First my question would be what's wrong with wanting our troops home and protecting our borders? Fighting them over there has done NOTHING to decrease the threat of a terror attack and everytime a soldier is murdered in the occupation of Iraq is on Bush's hands.

"Politically, Iraq is a loser for Republicans, except for the bright spot that the American public is not yet ready to quit. A CNN poll in August found that 69 percent of Americans oppose withdrawing American troops by the end of the year and 66 percent believe that we can win the war there."

I wish I knew where to go with that. EVERY poll I see shows Americans want the troops home and I've searched everywhere on CNN and the polls I see there say that the majority of Americans want the troops home. He's just making it up.

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